Webster in position to make unorthodox move...to get what he wants... the trade down

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Titans2004, May 6, 2014.

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    You know in certain drafts their are only a few stud players at each position. In this draft their are 4 OL that are much better than the 2nd tier guys...Robinson, Matthews, Lewan, and Martin. Their are several teams early in the draft who need LT help in a bad way, the Rams and the Falcons. Their are several teams later in the draft with major LT issues as well, Rams #13 pick, Giants, Fins, and Cowboys. Those later teams are hoping that one of the LTs falls to them. Webster has stated that he really wants to get more picks in this draft. So if Matthews and Robinson go before our pick then why don't we draft Lewan. That then leaves at least 3 teams needing a LT and only 1 available. This really puts the screws to the later teams who were hoping to get one by sitting at their spot. Webster should then call them up and try to trade Lewan after the fact. Once the teams know that they aren't going to get a LT to fall then they will be willing to deal.

    If you can't get someone to trade with you the traditional way then you work to manufacture the trade by taking a player that is really wanted by several other teams and who is head and shoulders better than the other players at his position. Yes it is risky, but worse case scenario is that you get stuck taking a top LT who will take over for Roos next year and who gives us tremendous depth at OT this year. Best case scenario is that you get the trade that you want.

    This is an unorthodox move, but one that I really think would work for Webster to get his wish in trading down.
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    Hopefully we can drop a few spots and get some more picks! How epic would it be if we could somehow drop a couple spots.. Get more picks and still get Barr!
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    not likely...i'd really like to take eric ebron
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    Would be great if the Rams take another position at #2 thinking that certainly one of the 4 OTs will be on the board when they pick at #13. Matthews and Robinson still go early. We take Lewan and Giants take Martin. Then offer the Rams Lewan for their 3rd rnd pick. Like you said then take Barr at #13 or trade with Dallas who might want Barr before the Bears or Steelers take him.
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    The problem with this is when you make that selection you are still slotted for that amount of rookie pool money. So if Lewan is drafted at 11 by the Titans and Miami trades for his rights, Miami is paying more money out of a smaller pool because they have a lower pick. That's why this type of trade almost never happens in the NFL.
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    I think we're in a sweet spot ahead of Giants and Rams. If the Rams dont go LT with the 2nd pick, they're could possibly be trade partners with us to jump ahead of the Giants to grab one. We only fall back 2 spots, still got someone like Barr and get a 3rd round pick out of it.
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    I agree that we sit in a good position for a trade. The Giants biggest needs are TE, LT, WR, and DT. At #11 someone could want to trade up and get Donald before the Giants grab him. Donald is the only real penetrating 4-3 DT that is 1st rnd worthy. A team might want to grab Ebron before the Giants grab him. Again Ebron is really the only other 1st rnd TE besides the guy from UW who might be a surprise 1st rnd pick. If Evans happens to fall to us then I think plenty of teams would be willing to trade with us to grab him. And as the inital post stated. We could be in a good spot for a team to jump up and grab one of the last LTs.

    My question is how steadfast do you hold to the trade value chart? If you feel that the draft is deep are you willing to take a little less because you know you will still get a good player when you pick in the 1st and you also know that a solid guy will be on the board in the later rnd.

    Many have already pointed out that to move to #16 with Dallas to get their 3rd is a perfect trade chart value.

    Now a team moving up from #20 to #11 would mean they would have to give up their 2nd rnd pick for the trade value to work out. I think we would love to grab another 2nd. Not sure a team would want to make that move, but who knows. Would you be willing to move back to #20 for a teams 3rd and 4th rnd picks? This sort of move would be much less than the trade value, but in a deep draft having 2 extra mid rnd picks might be worth getting the deal done.
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    You can always get picks for next year too. So we might slide to 20, get a 3 & 4, then get a 2 or two midround picks next draft
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    potential trade partners...

    Jets trade up with Tennessee for wide receiver Odell Beckham:Eric Decker is a start, but the Jets need more offensive weapons. We thought about making this trade up for Eric Ebron, but Rapoport believes that Beckham is the more likely target. So let's trust RapSheet, just this once. The Titans are a team known to be looking to move down, and Beckham should still be on the board at No. 11.



    SF is a good one, they have a ton of picks
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    Crap .... Ontario beat me to the punch with that byte from NFL.com. I think we will trade down , maybe with Dallas or the Jets in a more conventional setting than the one Titans2004 sets out ; albeit thats a great if somewhat flawed idea taking Fry's viewpoint above into account.

    What we will get out of it I don't know but I would like the swap for picks this year and not next.

    Barr has always been my pick at 11 but it looks more likely today according to the whispers that we are open to trades. Could be interesting later tonight ( or very early morning tomorrow for myself ).