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    Tell that to Jerry Gray
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    So who do you have faith in to be our nickle corner may I ask? I don't even have much faith in in McCourty and Verner - but I do think one of our best players on our team is on the Dline (Casey).

    I'm actually worried about our cornerbacks this season. I like the Dline starters but would agree we need to add some depth to get a good rotation.

    maybe we bring in a vet - there are plenty at DLine and Corner.
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    Yeah look at their madden speed and acceleration ratings. :bliss:

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    I was going by game film and 40 times
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    i figured, was just being light hearted.
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    I'd list our needs as a CB, OG, LDE, and WR.

    CB: We need a 3rd guy that can play on the outside and let Verner play nickle. Verner is a great tackler and has amazing football instincts and I believe that a would flourish in the role Finnegan played in 2011. Also, I think Verner and McCourty are both good corner that were made to look worse because of our DL play and scheme. McCourty would probably bebetter if he was allowed to play more man coverage and didn't have to play the retarded zone scheme that Jerry Grey installed.

    OG: I don't think I need to go into how bad our offensive guards played last season but I will say this; according to profootballfocus the three OG we lined up this year were Leroy Harris (449 snaps, -7.2 grade), Duece Lutui (512 snaps, -5.2 grade), and Mitch Petrus (58 snaps, -5.8 grade). So over the coarse of a season (1019 snaps) our RG produced an efficiency grade of that averaged -6.1 which is pathetic. We need to get betteron the right side of our line. (Also, Hutchenson had a rating of -2.3 and was replaced by LeVitre's 17.3 so we got a major boost already.)

    DL: I think we have a decent DL that was made to look a lot worse due to how long they were out on the field. Casey and Martin I think are studs and Morgan can send pressure to the QB and is a good run stuffer. IMO the two things we were missing was a guy that could takes on a double team and collapse the pocket (which I believe we got in Sammie Lee Hill) and a stud LDE. Wimbley is an okay pass rusher but he is pathetic in the running game. We need to find away to generate pressure from the blindside if we want our defense to be elite next season.

    WR: Britt and Williams are gone next season and Washington is getting old and has apparently fallen out of favor with the coaching staff. We need to find two bigger guys that can work the outside and let Wright and Walker gash people across the middle of the field.

    Personally I think if we were to go:
    Round 1) Xaiver Rhodes, CB, Florida St.
    Round 2) Larry Warford, OG, Kansas St
    Round 3) Devin Taylor, DE, South Carolina
    Round 4) Andre Dobson, WR, Marshall

    we would have solved the last of our holes this off season.
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    ^ the "insider info" plan is to let Wright and Britt stretch the field. A dominant DE in rotation with Morgan would really help out Wimbley. I think it will make everything come together on D to have a double digit sack guy.
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    I'm good with your picks, with the proviso that if hunter we TN makes it to our #2 pick we take him.

    I like Rhodes a lot. Wonder if e could trade back a bit and nab him?
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  10. Thaddeus43

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    I think this is pretty spot on. The only thing I would change would be to knock CB down to the #3 need, and bump OL/DL to #1/#2 ... but overall, yeah I agree 100% with this post
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