"We thought we'd be 4-4 at this moment"?

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    They mentioned it on NFL as "The Most Controversial Call No One is Talking About".
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    Well none of us know if changing D-coordinators will make things better, but one thing I do know; we'll never know unless we try a change. Again, this defense can literally do no worse, so, to me, firing him can give us a chance to get better. What, exactly, has Gray done to earn/keep his job, tell me that?

    As for things I'd dry if I were in charge:

    A) Mix up the defense and at least try to create some confusion to the offense. Look at what the Falcons do in their 4-3, they show so many different looks whether it be faking blitzes then backing out and blitzing from every angle. Pre-snap, Gray's defense looks rooted in place, no attempt to confuse the o-line blocking schemes, nothing.

    B) Give much more 3-4 looks. We know Gray has installed 3-4 concepts in training camp, so we can surely run it. I'd love to see them try a 3-4 look in long down and distance situations, especially on 3rd down. The 3-4 is not a magically better defense overall, however, I do believe you earn a lot of cheap sacks because of all the different blitz looks you throw and a teams offensive line. Make their O-line make the perfect reads on blitz pickups, over time they will blow a block. When I look at our defense I see our strength being LB and DL, why not utilize them to their fullest? Get Ayers blitzing from every possible friggin' angle possible, A gap, around the L and RT's, everywhere. I envision a 3-4 look on 3rd and 10... McCarthy, Brown, Ayers and Wimbley lining up all over the field and coming hard after the QB. Casey at RE, Martin over the nose and Morgan at LE. Will this generate a better pass rush, I think so, but I can't say for sure. Maybe this won't work at all, but at least try something new since it's painfully clear our current approach is a disaster.

    C) Try to play more man coverage. Attempt to jam a Receiver/TE at the LoS to throw off the route timing. We just sit in a soft zone over and over... how exactly does that confuse the opposing QB? All in all, trust your players to make plays one on one, we may be surprised which of our guys flourish.

    D) Get Mouton off the field, Campbell and Sensabaugh deserve a shot.

    E) BLITZ MORE!!!!

    I'm sure I can think of more, but you get the point I hope :).
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    A. Granted, I am not rewatching every game like I used to to look at details, but they have been mixing in some different looks. Usually showing blitz and dropping back.

    B. We have done a couple plays in the 3-4, however when McCarthy went down, I havent seen it since. Looking at our LBs right now, especially now. I most definitely would not want to run a 3-4. Ayers (needs to be rushing the QB more, after yesterday), a hobbled McCarthy, and a young brown. We could throw spoon in there but theres a reason hes on the bench.

    C. Can you imagine what goes through a QB's head if he see's us in man coverage? "HOLY CRAP... with these safeties, Im going deep" TD!!!!! I dont think we can trust these players one on one right now because of the safeties. Griff showed a whole lot of improvement yesterday now that hes back in his original position, so maybe thatll help. But I cant blame him for not playing more man. I think we would get eaten alive.

    E. We blitz more than people think

    Although I disagree with a lot of what you posted, bravo. At least you offered something other than mindless whining lol

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    I meant the refs making a mistake. My mistake, I wasn't very clear on what I meant.
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    We are no longer on pace to give up the most points in league history. Yay us!!!

    31st in scoring defense. No longer the worst! Jerry Gray is the man! He's turned our season around!
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