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    Can we never ever have Tommie Campbell in the game except to return kicks? He always draws a penalty, and you have to admit those penalties on the returns ruined whatever decent field position we were getting early. Yet he's one of the fastest guys on the team..maybe we can play him on D and have him blitz every play, dude is so fast maybe we could actually get to an opposing QB with him in the game. I don't know if it's JG's scheme or what, but we can never seem to get pressure with our front four anymore. It's sad when you see guys like J.J. Watt, Clay Matthews, and now that Bruce Irvin guy in Seattle being totally dominant and taking over games because of how they can get to the QB.

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    Gray is on the hot seat. He's catching heat from all directions. He's gotta 1.) stop asking Michael Griffin to be Troy Polamalu. And 2.) send more blitzers. I mean it makes sense to me since these LB's can't cover underneath or cover anything really.

    Babs is also treading water with me, he's slowly becoming Nick Harper.
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    I thought Babs looked alright, I wish we would send Griffin on the blitz more. He actually looked pretty good doing it.
  4. TitansWillWin2

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    Yeah babs looked real good on that missed td tackle that owen daniels had!
  5. amy

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    I don't think it was that we lost to a great team but that we rather gave up on the game. It's one of attitude and fortitude I think. They need more motivation and the leaders-if we even have any-are not doing their job. It's just almost impossible to keep young ones on task. It takes at least three years of play for them to grow into the mental attitude needed to play the game at the NFL level. jmo
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    Totally different types of hits...

    Jake had a separated shoulder week 1 and that hit re-aggravated it... those other QBs don't take as big of hits because:

    1. They're more experienced, pick up blitzes, audible, quick pass
    2. They have better blocking

    You're being way too unrealistic wanting him to come back in the game. Why the hell would you even want him back in the game, further risking his injury?
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    Hate to say it, but Rusty needs to be active every game.

    In fact, I'd almost prefer Rusty over Hasselbeck at this point. Can't get much worse than Hass anymore. He ranks #2 for most games under 5 Total QBR (ESPN's QB rating) since 2009... behind only Sanchez. Not exactly great company.

    Yesterday, he added another sub-5 Total QBR against the Texans.

    He's bad. Real bad. So bad that I'm about to concede that he is a current clone of KFC. Looked just like him out there yesterday. 2 pick 6s and a fumble. How many points off of those? (obviously at least 14)... was it 21? That's ridiculous. We were in the game in the 3rd quarter, and he just decided to hand them the game.
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    To prove he's not a *****. Like most qb's these days they are all diva's. Not football players. We need a warrior, which is what this team has lacked every since steve has been gone!
  9. RavensShallBurn

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    There's a fine line between being a warrior and an idiot. Steve was both. He wouldn't have been hurt so much if he rested more.
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    We knew coming into this season that the D would be weak. We are young, and need at least another draft/FA period to get the talent that we need. That being said, I don't think the D played all that bad. They held AJ and Foster in check for nearly the entire game. The O gave up basically 21 of the 38 points. They could've easily given up when we were down 14-0 in the 1st, but they didn't. They stiffened up and kept us in the game.

    The turnovers really seemed to deflate the team though. I think the whole team was pretty pumped to come out at halftime and get the ball with a chance to tie the game up, but the int returned for a TD just shifted everything in Houston's favor. Then after the other 2 turnovers the team just gave up. It was a very similar game to the Pats game IMO. We could've very easily competed until the end in both games, but a couple of mistakes at the worst possible times really hurt. If we eliminate a few mistakes in each of those games, then we have a good shot at winning.

    One thing that really makes me mad though are the penalties. The penalties absolutely killed any chance we had at winning that game. We are having a hard enough time moving the ball, we don't need to get stupid personal fouls for 15 yards every drive and make it that muich harder. I think that ultimately falls on Munch though. He needs to instill some discipline in his team.

    Reynaud ... learn how to take a knee in the endzone every once in awhile.

    VERY glad to see CJ show up though, and against a very good D with no KB or running threat at QB for the D to focus on. I guess lining up Quinn to pave the way helps out a lot. That was the one thing that actually made this game feel a little better and gave me hope for the rest of the season.

    All things considered I still feel optimistic about this team. If we get Locker, Britt, and McCarthy all back and healthy, and keep the run game going, then I think we will be really hitting our stride around midseason (when you want to start hitting playing your best), and should string together some wins against weaker opponents than who we already have played. I still think we make a late push at a PO spot. Division is basically out of reach IMO, but PO is still very possible. I've seen us comback from worse and make it interesting at the end.
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