We need to talk Jake Locker

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RockyTop Fox, Mar 13, 2013.

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    It's not that I hate the guy or think he's a bust just yet. It's just that he played absolutely awful for 90% of the season. I'm still hoping that he gets better though he didn't have a fair shot last year. But even so, he just did not look good at all. I'm rooting for you Jake, prove me wrong.
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    just stop, just...stop.
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    Jake Locker simply isn't a franchise QB caliber player.

    That's all you need to know.
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    Because I've seen Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin, Andy Dalton and probably someone else I'm forgetting all come in with or since Locker and show 3x the potential he has. That's why I'm not too high on him.

    Like Deuce said, if you're not franchise material then you're not the guy. You don't come to the NFL to learn how to anticipate throws and beat coverages with accurate throws. If you can't do that by now, you're too far behind the curb
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    After a great first two days of free agency, I am suddenly filled with overwhelming sadness
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    he's made minimal improvement as a freshman at UDub to a 2nd year player in the NFL
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    Same here,i'm hoping he proves me wrong as well.
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    If Locker can be average, we will be good... And I mean as soon this season.

    I'd say poor QB play was responsible for giving up an average of 10 points a game to our opponents. Our defense was bad, but they were on the field all the time.

    Take the Bears game for example... I'm pretty sure 35 or more of the Bears points came from turnovers.
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    You guys are insane if you think Manning would have gotten us more than 8 wins.

    As terrible as our offensive line was... With his speed and prior neck injury.... We would have had a vegetable as a co owner with Bud and Locker playing anyway. The guy was one big hit away from wearing a helmet sitting in a wheelchair eating baby food from a straw and ****ting his pants on a daily basis. with that terrible line we had last year.... That would have been the best scenario he could have ended up like.
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    Jake had a great opening drive against the Pats on opening week. If it were not for a bs non def interference no call, we would have had a TD. Jake can be really good, if he can get into a rhythm. This year our Oline will help give him, CJ, and Shonn a rhythm. Last year, Jake had no Oline, rushing game, #1 or 2 WR (no offense Nate) most of the season, and a lame duck OC. He can run just as good as any QB in the league, and he now has an improved blocking core and a healthy Britt at the beginning of OTAs.
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