"We have a plan"-Jeff Fisher

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansCountry25, Aug 12, 2007.

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    VY's presence forces DE's and OLB's to stay outside and defend against bootlegs, rollouts, etc. Keeping them outside helps to create those inside gaps....which is exactly where Travis Henry made his money last year.

    With Collins or Rattay, the running threat is removed, allowing DE's to cheat inside and clog up running lanes. (Which is exactly what the Skins did in the first half).
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    After VY starts and o-line is better
    vs Colts 19 carries 123 yards (bad defense)
    vs Washington 32 carries 178 yards
    vs houston 15 carries 29 yards (reapeat against houston)
    vs Jac 19 carries 67 yards
    vs Balitmore 27 carries 107 yards
    vs Philly 18 carries 143 yards
    Vs Giants 12 carries 27 yards
    vs Indy 20 carries 93 yards
    vs Houston 20 carries 88 yards
    vs JAc 12 carries 23 yards
    vs Buffalo 25 carries 125 yards
    vs PAts 21 carries 102 yards

    Vince must have missed those games.
  4. Yes...Bestest....and no it's not a word.
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    Jax had one of the best rushing D's in the league. NYG was pretty solid. What, you can't have a bad game?
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