We better make a playoff appearance or IDK

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, May 22, 2013.

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    We'll know how good we are after Week 2. If we can play Houston close we have a shot at beating them later in the year and most of the teams on our schedule.
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    just because other teams suck worse, does not mean this team frequently and painfully underachieves. It's time for fans to start EXPECTING better things from the team they pay to see. The time for Tennessee just to be happy to have a football team is over with.
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    I am really confident in our team and our ability to make the playoffs this season. There are two things that worry me however.

    1. With SO many additions in the offseason are we going to learn how to gel and play together as a team, or is that going to take a while to develop?

    2. I still don't have much faith in Munchak. I still question the hire as to how a lifetime o-line coach gets a head coaching gig. I mean, what does a o-line coach know about calling special teams or defenses? I know he's trying hard and he's likable enough, but that just isn't enough to win. Maybe he can learn on the job and become a good coach. I still just question his ability to coach a team to get into the playoffs.
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    I completely disagree. I would much rather have a great season and end with a playoff letdown, rather than have a failure of a season where we are a laughing stalk. I would feel like the team accomplished more that way, and the season would be exciting. Other teams and fans would also respect us as a contender.

    2008 defined that type of season perfectly.. played so well in the season only to lose to the ratbird Ravens in the Divisional round. You're saying that a 2005 season is just as bad as a 2008/1999 season? I just can't agree with that at all.
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    Fyp, Rusty the rifle
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    I'm absolutely saying 3rd or 4th place in not acceptable, and being the loser in a SB is only slightly more acceptable.
    And sure you might be able to say to yourself they were respectable that year but nobody and I mean nobody other than Titans fans will remember this.
    I don't see Steelers or Pats fans sitting around counting up the years they 'made the playoffs'.
    Super Bowl or bust - But hey, to each their own.

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