We are not who we're suppose to be

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. ColtKiller

    ColtKiller Starter

    HAHAHHAHA. The fact that you'd even suggest anyone on our defense is good vs the run is a joke.
  2. Riverman

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    that would be "Face"-Palmer :facepalm:
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  3. ThatTitansGuy

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    anyone else find it ironic that our offensive line is the worst its ever been and we have a HC that is an offensive line specialist?
  4. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    with a HOF OG as our OL Coach
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  5. gran54

    gran54 Starter

    We honestly can't tackle at all. Safeties have to play 20 to 25 yards of the ball just hoping we don't get beat deep and that sets us up to get ran all over. Hasn't helped that McCarthy and Britt haven't been at full go. Won't even start with our running game. I have been and will always be a Titans fan. They're making it tough though. Jeeze it's painful to watch lol.
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  6. MikeJonesDrew

    MikeJonesDrew Special Teams Standout

    We are playing too soft on both sides. Coaching seems to want to be calm and not attack. Afraid of taking risks. Our soft coverages give the drag routes and underneath routes open all day. We are defending deep passes like we are scared to give up big plays. On offense, we are too damn easy to figure out, the oline is ****, and we arent taking shots downfield. We have weapons, we have weapons! Why are we not using them. Notice when we attacked downfield vs Detriot we score 44 points.. Tennessee management and personal and coaching have to understand something. You build your players around the scheme, not the scheme around the players. You dont take a 4-3 DE and make him a 3-4 DT. You dont.

    It doesnt help when our offense goes 3 and out every damn drive. Palmer has this week to get it right or else IMO. He may be a hell of a QB coach but the man cannot call a game. On offense we should be running the spread. Almost everytime. Our scheme doesnt fit a under the center offense. For one Locker doesnt have that EXP yet, and isnt as accurate, plus our oline blocking is ****. We dont use our strengths to our advantage. We build a scheme, and stick to it even if it doesnt work. Well its not working and we arent making changes. You cant beat a dead horse and expect it to breathe. Bad adjustments is what has doomed us from our beginning. On D, we have 2 ballhawks on D, Griffin and Verner. Mccourty is a damn good corner whos being picked apart due to lack of pass rush or creativity on D. Our Lb'ers Ayers is a good pass rusher, Mccarthy is a all around player, and Brown is a pass coverage. Witherspoon is more of a run supporter then anything else.

    On the Dline, Casey, Klug and Marks are pass rushers. Line crashers. Shaun Smith and Martin are pluggers. Why am i seeing 4 man rush and everyone just plays back? As good as Casey and Klug are, no one is a FORCE. Doesnt mean they suck but they need more angle blitzes to help em out. Thats why i mentioned the 3-4 is suitted more for this team then the 4-3. Simple plug ins for the right position for our guys is all we need. But we dont do that. Since we wont switch from a 4-3 we need to run more like 90's style defense. Zone blitzes with different coverage looks. Aligning along the correct guys on D is too simple. Theres no mystery. Easy pickings. This is a very plain coaching staff. Play tight, blitz and a bit more zone blitzes. Thats what we need. We dont have the playmaking style D to play Chicago Bears style D. We have to confuse or else we will continue to give up 34 points a game. Dont blame the players before the coaching, unless the coaching has been proved before as the strength of the team. It hasnt been for awhile so the blame goes to them.
  7. GoT

    GoT Strength and Honor Tip Jar Donor

    Smith is a street FA

    carry on
  8. cdubbs2121

    cdubbs2121 Pro Bowler

    The scary thing is that if we fire the coordinators...Its not like we have a good replacement to take their place. All a bunch of F'N BUMS. TOUGH TO BE A FAN RIGHT NOW AAAAAAHHH!!

  9. MikeJonesDrew

    MikeJonesDrew Special Teams Standout

    I know but if we kept him least we could of had a NT to rotate with.
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