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  1. TBC_titan

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    Heh. Sounds like Floyd has a bit of resentment towards the FO for coaxing him to resign.
  2. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    The Dolphins were an incredibly weak *** play off team. I was jumping on their band wagon simply for the sake of my contempt for the Patriots and new found disdain for the Jets that stems from their fans and Brett Favre. Bottom line, that team had a victory all in of itself just getting that far. I liked CP as their quarterback... total dark horse... I love an underdog in a game I have no real emotinal attachment to. Besides, it's easy to root against the Ravens for me for obvious reasons. The Ravens being in the playoffs did not shock me one bit. I knew they were 100% legit contender. I even argued as much in this thread here:


    I was 100% wrong with the above prediction, but...

    :yell2: <--me and my horn (toot, toot)
    I am telling Gunny that I don't want to see the Ravens in the playoffs and that I thought they were strong enough to win the North. I was wrong about that too, and in the context of the thread there was a flaw in my logic there, however, ultimately, time proved me correct as my fear was realized when the Ravens got the #6 seed despite Gunny's insistance the Ravens wouldn't get in without a division crown. Also, I was right about Jacksonville. We didn't need separation at all. They won 5 games all year.

    If that doesn't indicate respect for the opposition I don't know what does.
  3. Gunny

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    I must say the Ravens impressed me to make the playoffs, they had a brutal schedule at the end of the season.
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    I was just watching the NFL replay of the Dolphins-Ravens game. People can hype their D all they want- but Pennington gift-wrapped at least 2 INT's by lofting into double coverage and throwing in the middle.

    That game was as much a statement about how bad Pennington played as how well the Ravens D played.

    I'm feeling ALOT better after seeing that tape again.
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  5. onetontitan

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    Pennington looked like a ***** in that game
  6. CRUDS

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    It's all about Baltimore's thrashing of Miami - a Dolphin team that managed get to the playoffs without having to face the Titans/Steelers/Colts/Giants/Panthers etc of the NFL this season. They only faced Baltimore (and lost twice) so they were impossible to gauge against playoff caliber teams.

    If this was the week right after Tennessee beat Pittsburgh (two weeks after they beat Balt) the press wouldn't be giving The Ravens a chance..
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    Miami was an average team that got a few breaks they don't have nearly the talent we have.

    Only 2 of their 11 wins came against teams with a winning record and they got the chargers early when they were really struggling.

    Don't want to take anything away from them but they were hardly a major contender.
  8. RollTide

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    The dolphins moved the ball well in that game. They had 2 straight drives that got them in FG range and pennington threw a pick. On one drive pennington completed 8 straight passes before a pick. then they gave up a long mcgahee run when they were desperately trying to get the ball back and were too flat on defense.
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    The Baltimore Sun staff picks

    Jamison Hensley
    Ravens writer
    Ravens, 16-13
    Brandon McKinney blocks a field goal and Haruki Nakamura runs it back for a touchdown to stun the Titans in playoff game once again.

    David Steele
    Sports columnist
    Titans, 13-10
    No repeat of the regular-season game; Tennessee wins without the help of the zebras this time.

    Edward Lee
    Ravens writer
    Titans, 16-14
    Remember: This is the same Tennessee team that throttled the Steelers by 17 points to gain the top seed and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

    Peter Schmuck
    Sports columnist
    Ravens, 23-16
    The Ravens are a much better team than the one that should have beaten the Titans at home during the regular season. They rectify that situation this weekend.

    Ken Murray
    NFL writer
    Ravens, 21-20
    Rob Bironas bounces a 34-yard field goal try off the left upright on the final play.

    Mike Preston
    Sports columnist
    Titans, 13-10
    Titans bait the Ravens into several offensive mistakes.

    Rick Maese
    Sports columnist
    Ravens, 16-13
    Don't expect Ravens to tip-toe into the lions' dens; their defense started screaming like banshees last week and they aren't about to let up.
  10. Alpha-Centuri

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    That guy is in a fantasy world. Maybe if we had Del Greco for this game... but Bironas!?
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