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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansWillWin2, Sep 30, 2012.

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    CJ isn't washed up athletically, but clearly he isn't hitting holes with confidence or taking what the defense gives him. Wright was never labeled a burner, but a quick guy who get open and produce after the catch. He has showed he can get open and and has consistent hands, he has not shown that he can produce extra yards after the catch. McCourty is a solid corner and he is definitely better than Finnegan. That being said you are judging him on our DC Jerry Gray sticking in base zone coverages and not getting pressure on opposing Quarterbacks. Most of the passes that are beating us are in the middle of the field any way because of that zone.Jake Locker is a tough player, he dislocated his shoulder week 1 and didn't miss a game and took a nasty hit on Sunday that popped it back out. I know there are reports that Hasslebeck might start, but I still think there is a chance that Locker still gives it a go. Your argument that he is not tough because he got injured has no validity. Again on your point about our defense I will say again don't blame the players blame the scheme rushing 4 and playing soft zone will get you beat especially with the QB's we have played so far. That is poor play calling not poor effort. You are getting harassed because you are on TITAN FAN SITE! What would you expect for people to say that our team is not good? What type of fan are you? Don't say you're a realist and I'm just being honest about our situation. Be a real fan and support your team.

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    It is senseless to spend more than a day arguing about anything in this thread. Titanswillwin2 has some strange views on things, that or he likes bugging everyone.
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    elite RBs get Ws when they have a good day

    and yes :cj: should be playing SS as well as scatback for the $s hes stealing off the CAP
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    I think the rest of us have already placed him on ignore.
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    I call this my "stupid things TitansWillWin2 says" generator.

    inception cj.jpg
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    Elite running backs don't have a high % of people questioning their status as elite.
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    Chris Johnson still sucks.
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    without doubt grillboi is a chump
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  9. Scarecrow

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    did you see that run just then.

    Its too bad we don't have someone that can do that.
  10. nickmsmith

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    percy harvin in his 5 carries per game are better than CJ with his 20.
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