Wade Developing Chemistry with Volek

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    Mattos is a UDFA picked up by the Chargers in 2003. Interesting, for a guy who caught passes for less than 200 yards in college (USC, btw), he has shown an amazing ability to hang around the NFL. First the Charges, then Broncos, Lions, then us. He has supposedly been making his case as well this offseason. I like his size, 6'2" 220lbs. I can kind of see him sending Orr to the practice squad if the coaches continue to like him.
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    Well, at least it should be a heck of a competition. Strange that we're only hearing about the little guys. I'd really like to see an article about Givens or Bennett... hard to have anything to say if they aren't practicing. I really want one of them to step it up and have a great season.
Thread Status:
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