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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Big TT, Nov 30, 2006.

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    You know me, I love stats. In the past I have demonstrated the futility of schwartzie. Now I turn my attention to a comparison that will surely begin to surface more and more. As a fan that has had tickets since and including day one in memphis or as I like to call it the drive to He** and back I watched "the un-named one" and was in his corner from the start as he struggled to develope into a NFL QB. As we have witnessed VY grow before our eyes it got me to thinking...how do they compare at the same stage of their careers. Now in truth it can't be a real apples to apples comparison because of the different ways in which they were handled. "The un-named one" had two years to sit and watch and learn while VY was "handed the keys" a mere 4 games into his career, also don't forget he could really still be a senior in college but chose to come out thank goodness for our sakes. So anyways below is a statical breakdown of each players first season:
    Player GS PA Comp Comp% Yards TD INT Rush ATT Yards AVG

    "TUO" 16 415 216 52.0% 2665 14 13 101 674 6.7

    VY 8 208 104 50.0% 1190 7 7 48 270 5.6

    Very, very simialar at this point and don't forget the team records "the un-named one' lead the Tennessee Oilers (who can forget that name huh?) to a 8-8 record and VY record as a starter is of course 4-4. I would also point out that "the un-named one" had EG in his prime and a really tough D to keep the games close, now while I like Travis Henry he isn't going to make me forget EG in his prime and I don't think anyone will confuse this d with the type of D we played then (insert schwartzie joke here).;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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