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    the biggest diff right now between the both of them is that jake SUCKS in the endzone. And today he really took a lot of time to throw the ball. The o line didn't protect him well at all, we know that. Still There was a sack in which he left the pocket and had time to decide what to do; and i was like....dude any idiot would have thrown that ball either away or to someone before getting smacked for a loss.

    Truth is... up to this point we hAven't had a better QB than vince young since well...himself. And don't even try to tell me that hAss wAs aN upgrade becAuse that would be a big fat lie.

    GOT by the way, you can always try to post something that actually makes sense. I don't care if young hasn't done anything in 2012 or if he sucked for the eagles. He has done a hell of a lot more than locker for the titans and he has gone through some very impressive winning streaks, playing his best when it mattered most.

    Nobody will deny that against the chargers and pats he showed he couldn't get deliver, because he clearly couldn't. That doesn't change the fact that he still has done way better than locker up to this point.
    I hope Locker can actually deliver, i don't dislike the guy at all but he has way better receivers than Vince had at the moment and he's producing less.

    Maybe Locker becomes a better QB but he's not even VY good yet.
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  2. titans backbone

    titans backbone Rookie

    Although he clearly made a mistake..is that all you can take away from that post?

    Come on jc
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    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    Vince started his career 2-5 as a starter, Jake is also 2-5 as a starter. Vince is no better than Jake, he just disguised it better by facing inferior teams.
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  4. titans backbone

    titans backbone Rookie

    Also remember that vince in 2006 his rookie year almost took a team from 0-4 and then 2-6 record on a 6 game winning streak with huge games that we will probably remember for a long time such as the giants game (pacman jones career day too) or the texans game with the overtime run, even the win against the manning colts with bironas 60 yd field goal. We didn't make the playoffs because we lost against the patriots who had clearly a more talented team. Still he almost carried a team from 0-4 to the playoffs which would have been nothing short of amazing. And he kept us in it till the last moment. By the way, we finished with a 9-7 record.

    here is the season recap, look at the numbers..we actually put up points on the board and we didn't have a low scoring D..games were tight and down to the wire and as a fan i enjoyed that. Young was a playmaker even though he wasnt a really good QB. He did get better as the seasons progressed though until he went bananas on the coach and his career took a beating.

    What i look as a fan is being able to watch a game in which we are actually not blown out, in which our team shows fight and want to. When he was we were able to do that most of the time, now it just shows that teams can overpower us easily.

    sun 10/15
    vs Wash w 25-22

    Sun 10/29
    vs HOU
    W 28-22

    Sun 11/5
    @ JAC
    L 7-37

    Sun 11/12
    vs BAL
    L 26-27

    Sun 11/19
    @ PHI
    W 31-13

    Sun 11/26
    vs NYG
    W 24-21

    Sun 12/3
    vs IND
    W 20-17

    Sun 12/10
    @ HOU
    W 26-20 (OT)

    Sun 12/17
    vs JAC
    W 24-17

    Sun 12/24
    @ BUF
    W 30-2913

    Sun 12/31
    vs NE
    L 23-40
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  5. cdubbs2121

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    OOOOOOOOH BEAAAAAAAASTEDDDDD! But for real...Locker gets a free pass on this message board. You ignored everything he said regarding how VY would get his head called for (truth) and the talent around Locker vs Vince...Rookies come in all the time and light it up (See: Andrew Luck who will be torching us for the next 8 years) while we cling too these--

    "Well Chris Palmer's playcalling sucks! When he's gone Jake is going to tear it up!"
    "CJ is a selfish, he sucks, hes trash, he doesn't deserve his contract! If he ran the ball better Jake would be fine!
    "Jake had that shoulder injury...Those can take weeks if not months to heal"
    "Jakes basically a rookie guys, I mean lockout season, sat behind hasselbeck"
    "Jake is a REALLY hard worker! He may have same issues as Vince (red zone problems, doesn't make hot reads, inaccurate as %$@@ which people have been saying since college but he's smart! He'll fix it!"
    "The receivers drop everything! They make his numbers look bad! If they caught the easy ones we wouldn't need the long balls that sail over the receivers or bounce harmlessly off DBS hands"

    and ON and ON and ON and ON.

    So we give Jake another year on the team to run out of excuses. The guy doesn't have "it" sorry its easy for anyone to see. Vince didn't have "it" to win a NFL title either. Teams like the cardinals, Seahawks (maybe Russell Wilson can pull something), Alex Smith for his first 5 years, are all held back by bad QB play. Might as well blow it all up again. Phew.

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    What's this Vince would get his head called for talk? He got kicked off the team 5 years in. Thats more than enough time to see what he is or isn't.

    Jake has been here not even 2 years.
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    well lets see then if jake can finish off the season with a 4 game winning streak. Besides that was not the point cj..what i meant was jake clearly has more talent to go around than vince did.

    Don't get me wrong, i want him to do well and i do not think hes gabbert like.

    He moves well and avoids sacks, gets some good runs usually. Had a horrible game yesterday, which can happen to anyone. And although inconsistent he can be accurate on some deep throws. What i think will be a problem for a long time with jake will be his int/touchdown ratio, because he's very inconsistent at the moment and throws the ball like a rock even on short distance which can become a problem for some WR's because they are just not easy balls to catch.

    And half his throws are behind the WR's bodies which usually creates turnovers as they get hit in an awkward position and the ball flies in the air. He needs to be more accurate.
  8. GoT

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    I would like too point out that WRs literally would break their backs attempting too catch 'the Divas' wayward tosses

    Cook refused aTD catch from Locker
  9. CRUDS

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    All he does is win.
  10. Alzarius

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    And a hell of a lot better defense.
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