VY: Mentor Extraordinaire

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    yeah I remember all those post season wins in those 'saved seasons'

    GTFO - 'the Diva' was an idiot and a cancer. He had too be surrounded with his burnt orange tejas juicer buddies so that he could be 'comfortable' and siht. F 'the Diva' and anyone who puts any player above the Titans. And VY was the ultimate 'me first' guy - followed closely by that little guy the Titans pay too be a playmaker
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    Vince certainly made things interesting, but he couldn't get it done vs the Chargers or Patriots week-17 when we needed a win the most.
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    I know I am going to get bashed but I almost wish VY was the QB again. The product on the field can't look any worse than what it is now. I just don't understand how Locker continues to get a free pass from most people on here. If VY was doing the same thing people would be calling for his head. VY did more with less talent than Locker has been able to. When you can win with Lendale and Brown as your RB and Gage, Roby, Dyson, Jones, and Roydell as your WR, and Scaife and Troupe as your TE then you have really accomplished something. Despite never being surrounded with talent early in his career he never bad mouthed his teammates and always asserted they could win with the talent they had.

    I am sorry but I just can't go along with the "he is essentially a rookie now" since rookies today come out playing and putting up stats with less around them (Newton, Dalton, Ponder, RG3, Luck, Stafford, and Ryan (yes their 2 teams believed in surrounding them with offensive talent). I am sorry if I expect more out of a QB that went all 4 years of college, was "groomed" by sitting behind the vet but also getting meaningful playing time in compared to how our previous QB was suppose to be but never was but still can't hit the broad side of a barn with a lot of his throws. The only reason his completion percentage is as high as it is is because of all of the WR screens he has thrown and Wright running for YAC. Offensively this team has more talent than VY ever had to play with. These are the same players that had career years last season in Washington, Williams, and Hawkins. The main factor that is different is who is throwing them the ball. I am not a Hasselbeck advocator but last season he was the factor why the receivers had career years. This year our receiving corp looks like crap. I know we have had drops and bad calls go against us but it is part of the game that has to be dealt with. The same thing went on with VY as the QB.

    I cringe when I see Locker throw the ball downfield because it is more times than not going to be overthrown or underthrown. That is one of the things that I can say VY could do was go downfield on target. Locker has a stronger arm as far as putting zip on his passes but I am beginning to think the same as the previous poster and he may just be another Blaine Gabbert. Looks like Jacksonville is ready to give up on him now. I just hope that either Locker steps up or the Titans don't waste too much time on a failed cause.
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    Locker is still inaccurate. It's been the knock on him all the time. Experts tried to tell us but we brushed them off. I'm all but off the Locker bandwagon....

    He'll never get it done in the redzone.

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    LMAO, wow, your girlfriend/boyfriend must hate you in bed, always so quick.
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    actually CJ loves me in bed ;)
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    I knew it!
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    who is VY??
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    Good grief people....

    VY doesnt have a job for a reason. Or is it every team in the NFL now has it out for VY and not just Fisher?
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    I didn't know Vince Young played with Kevin Dyson.
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