Volek Leaves for Chargers with Mixed Feelings

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by goTitans.com, Sep 20, 2006.

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    works both ways :hmm:

    The thing you are forgetting is that Volek told Rosenhaus to shut up with the trade talk in training camp.

    There is truth on both sides you just have to figure it out.

    IMO it all boils down to Chow, that is the personnel short comings Volek was talking about, not the players.
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    There is no guarantee at all the SD will give Volek a new contract, they might let him play out the year and become a FA. If that happens it could just as well have happened here, so I don't buy that Rosenhaus was looking for a "payday".

    Fact is Volek wanted to start. Last year he wanted to be traded if McNair was going to hang around to mentor Young, because that obviously would mean no playing time for Volek.
    McNair get's the boot and 2 weeks before the opener the Titans sign Collins. Now I doubt anyone will argue that you sign a quarterback 2 weeks before the opener as "competition", so Volek feels like he's being replaced and asks to be traded so he can have a shot at playing elsewhere.
    I totally fail to see why that would upset Fisher in any way, which is why I call bull**** on this little rant of his.

    It's also really weird to me that you're unhappy with how Volek performed as a backup last year, you're unhappy that he asked to be traded last year, you're unhappy that he lied earlier in the year and yet it's not until 2 weeks before the opener that Volek requests to be traded because he's being replaced by Collins that Fisher has had enough?
    I don't buy it.
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    JUst two different opinions and thats what makes this site so interesting. You believe Volek and I believe Fisher nothing wrong with that. I'm certainly not defending Chow, I think it would be impossible to defend any of the coaches the way we have played this year especially Chow, Schwartz, Johnson, Sherman or Munch.That said no way Volek gets playing time in SD unless Rivers is injured.
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