Volek Frustrated with Situation

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by goTitans.com, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. Laserjock

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    I like Billy and I think he has handled this better than most up to this point. I have to even give him some room to vent as his comments are not that outrageous, other than his claim that the whole offense is confused and put off. If we pull out a win against the Jets without him it will be amazing how "un-confused" the "whole offense" will become. Winning solves much.

    I do find it interesting that his comments came on a San Diego radio station. Talk about selling yourself to another team and its community.

    I also have to say that there is not a fan here or anywhere that really knows what the real deal is with Billy. We have not spend HOURS upon HOURS watching him in practice and game tapes with a truly educated football eye. No one is going to come on here and tell me they know where Billy was supposed to be putting the ball on his first, second and third reads on any play so far this year. Obviously, there are a bunch of coaches, who do this for a living, that have seen something that raised the alarm.

    I can make my amateurish assessments like everyone else here but in the end it appears those who do this for a living were not impressed with the guy when he had the chance to run the offense as the #1.
  2. Sledge

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    i like billy a lot too. but the fact is, he's not NFL starting QB material. If you have doubt, I have tapes from the last 2 years, and I can even toss in this past preseason. let's hope he's traded soon so we can move on
  3. ya, i agree and we need to get rid of schwartz
  4. moose4now

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    I am in 100% agreement.
  5. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    Billy Volek Can Kiss My Butt. :winker:
  6. Sukrillux

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    If you look at Volek's pre-season stats, he did average. No, he didn't throw a TD until his 1 pass, 1 TD in Green Bay, but he did well with what trash was put in front of him to protect a POCKET QB. If Volek would have played more in the Green Bay game, he would have definitely had another TD pass or 2. I'll have to give props to the Titans for fixing the O-line (for the most part) before the season started, but you already ticked off the "starting QB" by hitting the panic button and not using your heads in the process. I wish Billy would find another team quickly so he can get into their offense as fast as possible. I will be cheering for that team and for Volek. If that team happens to play against the Titans and beats them, I will laugh at the Titans FO for screwing up a good thing.

    I know that if I was in Volek's situation, I'd probably be doing the exact same thing. Good for him. He waited for 6 years to take the starting job from McRaven and was told that it was his this season. Instead of helping Volek and fixing the O-line and the lack of WRs, they bring in a vet and pay him a starter's salary just to push him to the edge. Right now, he is venting anger (which is perfectly healthy by the way). He passed up starting jobs elsewhere to stay a Titan and wait for THE starting job that he was working towards for 6 years. That's loyalty, which is an admiral quality in my book.

    One other thing, that bad attitude and poor work ethic that the coaches are talking about... I will translate what they are talking about... Bad attitude = how Volek reacted AFTER they signed Collins to a $2 mill contract. Therefore, demoting him right then. Poor Work Ethic = Not practicing as much and not playing more than he did in Green Bay AFTER they told Collins that he would take Billy's job. I can guarantee you that Volek was working hard to be the starting QB before they signed Collins. He acted more conservatively than anyone else would have in the same situation. Good for him. Did the coaches ever say that McBird was traded because of poor work ethic even though that was his problem for years? NO! Billy got shafted and I hate FO and coaches for doing that to him. Now is his time to shine, if they will just let him leave!

    I am sorry for my rant, but I had to get some points out. I am sure I will have started a flame war, but I did not intend to. I shot a warning shot to get attention and to get the point across. If you shot at me in return, it will be you who starts the war. Thanks for your time. Carry on...
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    He's more of a man than me? Homie, you ain't even met me, so don't speak to me about who I am as a person. You obviously caught feelings over a message board arguement, which is kinda pathetic, but that's cool I won't address your little personal attacks on my character, because that's childish, and you got your feelings wounded because I said something critical about Volke; for that I'm sorry. The sheer irony of your post saying that I show signs of "weakness" is simpily a reflection of your own childish tendencies, so don't come at me about "starting a flame war". Riiiight. Too much time in my day to try to have an arguement who resorts to namecalling first. :sad2:
  8. KamikaZ

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    That's an important point. Those who argue that Volek did well in pre-season, that simpily doesn't mean much. The coaching staff has had infinitely more time and focus on how they think he can handle the offense. They felt he could not, and got a replacement. Live with it. To Billy's credit, I never thought he had an attitude or character issue that will be disruptive, and I'm not saying that's who he is (how can I? I've never met him). But at this point, it's evident he's not happy about being downgraded and he's making that known by the way he speaks to the media. He needs to leave.
  9. eberry

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    Let's be serious--there ain't nothing loyal about Billy staying here from last year. There are 32 starting spots in the entire universe. And only about 3-4 of them that aren't occupied by a Favre, Manning, McNabb, McNair, Palmer, Delhomme, Culpepper, or even Brad Johnson--and maybe 1-2 when you factor in the Alex Smith's, Philip Rivers', and even Charlie Frye's of the world. Case in point--we are one of the ONLY 1-2 teams in the league this year that Billy COULD start for b/c we want to develop Vince. The burden of proof was on BILLY to leave the impression that he could start--he's been in the league for 7 years--it is no longer about potential. The only decision that the team made was: Could Billy do a better job than Collins while we get Vince ready? There's no politics--neither one is in the long term picture. Just who could do a better job until then. And let's not act like stats are decisive here, because Collins threw for 3700 yds and 20 tds last year and felt he had a bad year. I'm not a fan of sheer numbers arguments, but if you put Volek in Oakland right now with Moss and that offense, and start him over Brooks--do you think he would put up 3700 yds and 20 tds? Maybe you do, and none of us can see into the future, but I'm laying my money down on 'probably not'.

    As for me, I don't need a complete season of Volek starts to see that he isn't a starting qb. I'm gonna go out on a limb there. And while Collins does make this cut--it's not by much and not for very long. Collins is simply the better stop-gap, with a better chance of developing our recievers, so that they are that much more prepared when Vince starts throwing to them.

    Our #1 qb question has nothing to do with anything except who will help the team win more games--who can warm up the seat more--before Vince Young takes it over--and that is all. Billy was here solely b/c of opportunity--and the burden of proof was on HIM to prove it to the team.
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    Gimmie things that happen when a thread gets personal

    Show me 10%!
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