Vince Young clueless?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by TitanJeff, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. Torch7

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    Here are some things to shed light on this article...

    Whitlock, is notorious for bashing Texas Players..

    Vince has made some mistakes, but they are not indicative of this young mans character, or him not being serious about Football.

    Vince showed up to the whitehouse without a suit, because evidently he left home without it, and couldn't get it shipped to him in time to meet the president. If you see the footage, Vince was hanging back as to not be seen by the camera's when the President called him forward, Mack brown leaned over and told the President, "He forgot his Suit and Tie" and The President responded, "That's alright, HE doesn't need a tie".... they laughed, shook hands, and Vince obviously embarassed tried to blend back into the crowd of longhorn players.

    College Preparation:
    Vince also is dedicated to winning, and becoming a better player... After the Rose bowl Victory against Michigan, he went straight to work on his game... He posted on the Board in the Locker Room, "Whoever wants to Beat OSU next year, meet me for Summer Work-Outs" He worked with his young reciever crew to get better all summer, and it paid off in a National Championship. All summer he worked with the Track Coaches to get faster, he worked with the Basketball Conditioning Coach to get Stronger, he Worked with the Baseball Pitching Coach, to develop arm strength...because he wanted to be the Best College Player he could be...

    I am persuaded, whowever drafts this young man, they will see that work ethic, drive him to be the best NFL player he can be. All I have heard people say about him since he arrived at UT is he is humble, and COACHABLE.

    Preparation for NFL Workouts:
    Young Hired Jerry Rhome, to help him is an excerpt from an article:
    Quarterback Vince Young and former NFL quarterbacks coach Jerry Rhome would have had a difficult time finding worse weather conditions for their first workout in preparation for the April 29-30 draft.

    On a cold, wet and windy Saturday morning at Rice Stadium, Rhome watched Young throw on the run and from the pocket for more than an hour.

    "I asked Vince if he wanted to throw with the wind," Rhome said, "but he said he wanted to throw against the wind, because he wanted to make it as tough as possible.

    "This was a bad time to work out, but he accepted the challenge and toughed it out. That impressed me."

    Young, who has been a part of TNT's NBA All-Star Game coverage in Houston, didn't think twice about working out in a persistent rain with the temperature in the high 30s and wind in the 10- to 20-mile-an-hour range.

    "Mind over matter," Young said. "I love to play this game, and I don't care what the conditions are."

    Young was the first to trot down the stairs and on to the artificial surface at Rice Stadium to warm up.

    "Bad weather doesn't bother me," Young said. "Even if I'm blessed enough to play for a team that has a retractable-roof stadium, we're still going to have to play a lot of road games in bad weather, so I better get used to it, right?"
    Mark my words, when I tell you, that all this bad press, and adversity, surrounding this kids, is gonna make him work, harder to prove he belongs in the NFL. Knowing lots about Vince, he probably, had to be talked out of throwing at the Combine, that's just the kind of Guy he is... He has been answering critics since I started following him, and Mr. Whitlock, is gonna be in line to eat his own words.
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    Good post.
  3. Vigsted

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    Is that supposed to be impressive? The quarterbacks on my team regularly practice for well over 2 hours in crappy weather...

    I'm sure Vince Young is equally dedicated to his game as the other draft prospects and whatever bad decisions he made of the field really doesn't impact whether I want him as a QB or not.
  4. Torch7

    Torch7 Camp Fodder

    No, it is just speaking to the tone of the article, that he is not preparing.
    Maybe I got off base somewhere in the post, but it was to show that Mr. Whitlock's, opinion was off base, not to say that the Titans should pick Vince.
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