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    SUMMARY: Pennington, whose arm strength was always suspect, even before he was injured, showed plenty of zip on his passes. The most impressive throw was a 41-yard strike to Coles, his favorite receiver, that set up the winning touchdown, a 12-yard pass to tight end Chris Baker with 2:10 remaining in the game.

    Asked if he thought the pass to Coles would prove to the world, once and for all, that his arm strength is fine, Pennington didn't actually answer the question.

    "I was scared on that ball (to Coles) because I left it a little bit inside and I wanted it a little more outside," he said of the throw, which Coles hauled in at the Titans' 7-yard line. "But there's No. 87 (Coles) again, coming up and making a big play."

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