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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Delaware Titan, May 2, 2006.

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  1. RollTide

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    I'm not trying to bash you with this mentor thing but i just don't know who that would be that could be a decent backup player who would also want to go out of his way to help a vince young. You see one poster mentioning ty detmer as if baby sitting young is what is important where the real issue is bringing in someone who could play.

    Guys who may be good babysitters for young like a detmer or maybe a jeff blake or a neil odonnell are #3 QBs not what we need. Vince will be our #3 guy.

    I mentioned patrick ramsey. I don't know how he fits into the jets plans but he could be an affordable #2 for us and even push volek for the starting job. We can't expect him to mentor young since he will be coming into a new system himself.

    Ramsey is signed through 2007 and makes less than what volek makes.
  2. JMB54

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    I still think we just stay with Volek as our starter and Mauck and Vince behind him. The way Fisher talked on "Titans Cam" yesterday they are not going to rush Vince into the lineup but he also said a timetable has'nt been set as far as when he will be ready to start. To me, that sounds like they dont feel he will have to sit for 2 years, just til they and he are ready to plug him in.
  3. Tuckfro42

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    Dilfer for Mac?

    I heard yesterday on Sirius that Trent Dilfer wants out of Cleveland. What if we traded Mac for Dilfer? Not only would we get a proven vet, but we would stick it to Baltimore by sending Mac to a division opponent, and stick it to Mac by sending him to Cleveland.

    Dilfer did a great job in Seattle leading their team and getting Hasselbeck ready to take over. Plus, how great would it be to beat Baltimore with Dilfer as our QB?
  4. GLinks

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    Dilfer is out there...and so is Harrington still.
  5. Banshee2

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    Don't we also have a QBs coach? What's he do during them game?

    Anyways, I wish McNair would sign something that would keep him around for a year or two, then have something to opt out/trade out for the last year. He obviously still thinks he's got it (for the record, I do too), but wants guaranteed #1 QB money beyond when the Titans want to pay him as the #1...I'm almost to terms with Volek as the #1, which will boost HIS trade value in a year or two.

    If mentoring is really important (and the model for success is there - see Carson Palmer/Eli Manning vs Joey Harrington/Tim Couch), then hire NOD as a glorified extra QB coach...someone that can talk to VY during the game and teach him what to watch out for. Then sign Ty Law and put Pacman on the bench/up for sale.
  6. Caphorn

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    The poster mentioned Detmer because of his familiarity with Chow's system - meaning its more likely that Detmer could contribute early on than Ramsey who would have to learn Chow's decision. So I think you make a better case for bringing in Detmer. He'd be better as a No. 2 cause he's pretty much good to go. Who cares about babysitting. I agree with that. Vince does not need a babysitter.
  7. GoT

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    Good idea, make the ratbirds acquire from the stains if they won't deal with us.
  8. RollTide

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    You guys are joking right?

    Matt mauck-This guy was a project-experiment last year. The titans saw some good qualities to they gave him a try to see if he had a future as an nfl QB. Well he is not. He will not be on this team when we break camp. The notion that he would be our #2 guy is fantasy based. We need a guy who is not much of a drop off if billy goes down. Mauck isn't it!

    ty detmer-Will be 39 years old in october. 39! He has not thrown a pass in an nfl game for the last 4 years. Who in the hell could possibly think that this guy should be starting games for us and we know that billy is going to get hurt and our #2 will be starting some games. Goodness gracious! We are supposed to put a washed up over the hill rag armed 3rd string guy in a signifcant position just because he played with chow 15 years ago?
  9. GoT

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    sounds like a description of Collins to me
  10. MsTitan

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    It is not a Vince Young thing is a Titan thing. If they had drafted Cutler or Lienert their thinking would have been the same. Not only QBs, the Titans are notorious for bringing players along slowly, i.e Chris Brown, D Mase, Andre Dyson.
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