Versatile Velasco changes roles again

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    Fernando Velasco had spent almost all of the offseason and training camp playing guard. But following injuries to centers Eugene Amano (triceps) and Kevin Matthews (concussion), Velasco finds himself the Titans’ first-string center.

    “That’s my job,” Velasco said of making the switch. “That’s what Bud Adams writes me a check for. I just have to be prepared and make the transition.”


    Velasco has been a versatile performer the last couple of years. But he’d been concentrating almost completely on guard during the offseason and in training camp, spending just one day of OTAs at center. He feels confident he’ll adjust quickly to the new spot.

    “I’ve been in this kind of role the last three years now, so really it’s a blessing to be able to play all three spots (on the offensive line),” he said. “That’s the life of a back-up. Whenever you get called up, you have to be ready.”

    Undrafted free agent William Vlachos is serving as Velasco’s back-up.

    Coach Mike Munchak said Matthews could return to action in the next few days, but the extent of Amano’s injury is unclear. So the Titans could still look to add a center to the roster in the near future.

    “If Eugene is a long-term situation, then we probably have to take a look and see what the best thing for us to do is,” Munchak said. “There are still a lot of ways to improve your roster, and as you get further into training camp, teams start deciding guys who are going to play and veterans that may get freed up at some point. As we’ve done in the past years, we’ve picked up linemen after last cuts that have come in and are our backup or our swing guys that have been very successful for us.”

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    Time to step up.