Vanden Bosch Raises Bar in Second Season

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    SUMMARY: After a 12.5 sack and 100 tackle season which earned him a Pro Bowl spot, DE Kyle Vanden Bosch felt he wasn't as good as he can be. "I wasn't as complete a player as I could be last year so that's what I worked on this offseason, being a better run player, more stout against the run and a more complete pass rusher," he said. During the offseason, KVB has worked to improve himself by adding more moves. "(My move was) just really speed on the outside, chop the outside arm, rip and get the corner," he said. "It's one of the things I am good at, getting my hips low and being able to turn the corner, get a tight corner. Now I am working on a power rush, a bull rush, and some inside moves so that teams can't just play me for one rush."

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