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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Don, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. GoT

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    Wycheck definatly tossed dehr Schwartzie and Chow post game softballs this week. Of course it is useless to talk to Chow cause all he ever says is that he has to look at the tape, but we did not make enough plays. Too Schwartzies credit he at least has an opinion post game.
  2. bongo59

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    Wycheck has to walk the company line..............but on the radio recently he is being critical...........he finally openly questioned JS and Fishes decisions on playing young guys and he openly said the team would never win with guys like AJ and AH...............that is pretty saucy stuff for an employee.
  3. Vigsted

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    Well if you can't deduct that back of the endzone = TD, then I don't think Mike Keith can help you.

    Well I don't. I couldn't watch the Titans until this year, so for the past number of years I had to listen to NFL FieldPass. And I tell you Mike Keith was worth every penny.

    How is not dramatic to hear him count down the yard lines and you wonder if someone is capable of stopping him?

    An angle? That's even more confusing. 9/10 listeners will be pulling their hair thinking Young is down with an injury. And you even had plenty of time to come up with that, Mike Keith has to do it on the fly.
  4. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    you and me both.

    that was heroic when Vince chased down that int. and saved 4 pts.
  5. Childress79

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    I'm with Vigsted(no not literally).

    Until this season I've listened to Mike Keith on the internet radio cast & I've loved it.

    I also listened to other gamecasts & some of the other broadcasters are painful to listen to. The only other team radio I've enjoyed listening to has been Seattle & that's partly because they have Warren Moon in the Wycheck role.

    Larry Stone is definitely missed but in general Mike Keith is great
  6. TNThunder

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    If he hadn't of thrown the interception he wouldn't have been chasing anyone. Heroic?
  7. Hoffa

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    Mistakes are expected...falling on a hand gernade you misthrew is heroic.
  8. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    this is the kind of stuff that prompted us to draft Young


    my bad. It's totally gay when qb's make a habit of running down interceptions and turning sure TD's into fg attempts.
  9. RollTide

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    I never said that keith never mentioned a touchdown i said it was the last thing he mentioned. He called a "pass right" to a "wide open receiver", identified the receiver and then after all that hinted that it was a touchdown. The most significant play of the game a play that cost the titans a victory. Does it matter that a former titan caught the ball does it make it better some how?

    Your take on the mathis play makes no sense either. Any brian dead announcer can call of the yard markers in 5 yard increments. It was significant who was chasing him and the effort made to bring him down and as sec said it saved us points.

    Another keith trait is his inconsistant use of emotion. He announces a titan sack like it was the winning touchdown in the super bowl. Saaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!!! he sounds like a latin american announcer calling a winning goal in a world cup game. Doesn't matter that the titans are 2-6 and down 20 points.. I'm sure the kroger people are impressed with that one since they they get a mention every time for giving money to charity.

  10. Vigsted

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    Again I disagree 100% (more if possible). It doesn't matter one iota to me whether he says "pass for a td to Mason" or "pass to Mason for a td". You're talking about a second or so in difference. And I loved it whenever we got a sack and he would yell out, I really got you pumped when you couldn't see what was going on.

    I think your problem is that you're listening to a radio announcer while watching the game. Certainly you can't, imo, put a finger on Mike Keith's performance as a radio speaker whose job it is to describe the play in a way that is both engaging and detailed.
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