Truly taking the "best player available"

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    I have a very hard time believing that 8 WR's will be off the board in the by our pick. I think most teams know what we know, that this draft is extremely deep at receiver. Knowing that the draft is so receiver rich and they can get a good one late why would teams rush to take one in the first unless it's a guy like Evan, Lee, or Watkins? I don't think they will. And before the combine Matthews was seen as a 2nd-4th round talent so I'm not sure why you think it's such a stretch he'll be there. His combine performance will raise his stock but that doesn't mean he'll be a first rounder.Last year's draft was also seen as being deep at receiver and only 4 WRs were gone by the time we picked Hunter with our second in a similar spot. Hunter was considered by many to be a 1st round talent.

    So please explain to me why 8 will go this year when only 4 went last year. In fact I looked at the draft dating back to 2007 (got bored after that) and in none of those drafts did 8 or more guys go in the first round. The closest I saw were 6 taken in 2007 and 2009. It doesn't seem likely that many will go as the perception is there is a steep drop off after the big 3.

    And no one said elite WR's don't help what I said was they don't necessarily put you over the top and get you a ring. I listed teams with top 5-10 receiver and there isn't a single ring between them. 3 B+/A- receivers will get the job done better than 1 stud. Seattle is just the latest team to show that.
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    Mike Mayock thinks that 7 Wrs will go in the first rd. We have the 10th pick in rd 2, pick 42. Last year 4 were taken in rd 1 and 2 more(Hunter and woods by the 41st pick. So in the deepest and best year for wrs it is unrealistic to think that 2 more will come off in the same period?

    Watkins-Evans-Lee-Benjamin-Robinson-Cooks will go in rd 1. Matthews and Beckham will come off quickly in rd 2. After that there is a fall off though i think Moncrief is worth that pick.
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    Matthews is a cousin of Jerry Rice...if he has the same work ethic and an ounce of Rice's talent...take him!

    Maybe we can then add Jerry Rice as a WR coach or something :)
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    I agree, I thought Matthews was a 2nd rounder but then he goes out and runs 4.4 and 4.44, um I highly endorse a trade down, grab a 3rd then nab Matthews in the back half of the first.