Troupe going the way of Calico?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Riverman, Sep 25, 2006.

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  1. Riverman

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    Anybody feeling it?
  2. no, not at all, calico was injured and couldnt catch, troupe is healthy and catches the ball and does a lot after the catch, i dont see it happenening, but i amd glad that scaife is emerging as a catching threat and will make it much harder for defenses to mark both TEs and the Wrs
  3. Fry

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    if we had someone who could get him the ball you would be singing a different tune.
  4. PhiSlammaJamma

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    When Young becomes qb, speed at WR and TE will be needed at a premium. They'll be able to get open on the scramble. I think Troupe still has a chance for that reason alone. I'd prefer he actually not get hyped, cause we should be going downfield with Collins and Bennett and Givens. The TE offense has to stop for us to make some big plays. We have big play qb's. We don't have west coast qb's. So we should be looking to make big plays. Troupe will still fit in here, as could have calico had he stayed injury free. It just is what it is. He was never on the field.
  5. are u saying our te's arent playmakers? scaife had our td and bens been getting yards after the catch like crazy, did i misunderstand u?
  6. Big TT

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    Troupe is way under used in this system so far, I am willing to bet that will change with VY. He should be used much like KC's gonzalez, used to set up the rest of the O and force mismatches. He is a beast.
  7. GoT

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    that might be effective leading to oppertunities for the rest of the O so no way Chow does that
  8. PhiSlammaJamma

    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    I prefer him as a last resort for Vince Young. Young ought to look downfield first, buy some time with his legs, and then use Troupes mismatch as a fall back should the deeper routes be taken away. I don't like him as a first option. Not because he doesn't have the talent to make a play now and again, but because I think we should be looking to make plays. Not play it safe. I don't think we are a west coast team. We have big play potential with Young at qb. No reason to take small gains to the Tight End when we can get those gains on the scramble anyway. Same thing goes with Collins at qb. He's a big play qb as well, or should be, so I think Troupe is a nice last resort.

    I don't see Troupe as a playmaker. He's basically dissappeared for two seasons now. He doesn't get us points for whatever reason. Scaife made a nice catch, but let's be honest, he's no playmaker either. These guys do what Tight Ends do. They catch the ball and rumble for five more. But we are going to be a big play offense, or at least we should be, so I see them as third options on the drop back. If the scramble is cut off, they ought to be open.
  9. Childress79

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    Troupe going the way of Calico?

    Don't even think that.
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