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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by ScotTitan, Oct 18, 2011.

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    I fail to understand how you can justify calling this spamming, I've not done anything against the rules in fact i'm doing my best to integrate.

    As you have pointed out some of the results seem strange, however to put this into context in order to simulate the draft it's taking all the prospects associated with each team in order of most to least. Then each team pick selects the best prospect in its list.

    As the data (and relationships between prospects and teams) is being collected from various media streams the results are non-educated in the sense that rather it being based on expert opinion it's based on popular opinion.
  2. TitansFaninAZ

    TitansFaninAZ Practice Squad

    No Vontaze Burfict, please.

    Not only is he a huge turd off the field but he has tanked his pro day this past week. 16 reps of 225 and during the shuttle-run he fell down after taking two steps. This guy is such a head case and a disappointment, not to mention he went to my rival school. Do not want.

    edit: his 40 was so bad at the combine that the ESPN radio affiliate out here had a bunch of producers and hosts run a 40 in the studio hallway and everyone beat Vontaze's 40 time. Local media has made a mockery of him and some predict he may go undrafted.
  3. Finnebosch

    Finnebosch I am vengeance.

    Where in the heck do you see 25% of people talking about us taking a QB (other then Manning) this is seriously the worse draft I've ever seen... ever.... EEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR

    ((Edit: That came out harsher then I meant it too. Your thing definitely needs a lot of work though.))
  4. satkins2252

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    Some players I like @ 20:

    Stephon Gilmore
    Cordy Glenn
    Whitney Mercilus

    From what I've read Gilmore and Glenn are both steals at #20. There are no concerns with either of them and they both seem to be certain producers in the NFL.

    Mercilus has average to good size but displays good to great speed and power, like the others. The concern with him is the one year of production. I've read however that he has produced in his previous years as well. Regardless it takes much talent to accumulate 16 sacks in a single season.

    Glenn is massive and possesses suprising agility and speed. His footwork is said to be impressive. He seems to be not so far off of equating to DeCastro. As I mentioned earlier, Glenn is a possible steal.

    Gilmore is a corner with good cover skills and good measureables. He is approx 6-6'1 and weighs approx 190 and has good upper body strength with 15 bench press reps. Additionally, he is physical and likes to be involved in run support. It is also mentioned that he could play safety.

    All the players have high motors.
  5. yanek27

    yanek27 Starter

    haha, I needed that after today
  6. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    I'm hoping for:

    1st: Whitney Mercilus or Nick Perry
    2nd: BPA - Hopefully CB, DE, DT, WR, S, or OG
    3rd: Ben Jones or Michael Brewster
  7. ScotTitan

    ScotTitan Starter

    Mid FA Mock.

    Jamaal Anderson DE
    Jamaal Jackson C
    Tracy Porter CB
    Tie up some long term deals, like McCourty and Cook.

    1. Micheal Brockers DT LSU
    We need a large Violent man next to Casey. Has tremendous upside.
    2. Vinnie Curry De Marshall
    Personal favourite. Wimbley,Morgan,Curry and Anderson. Nice group of DE's
    3. Brandon Washington RG Miami
    Will compete with Amano and Harris for RG spot.
    4. Janzen Jackson FS Neese State
    We have nothing behind Griffin.
    5. Marvin McNutt WR Iowa
    Big target with solid production and good hands.
    5(c). Tyler Neilson WLB Iowa
    Experinced LB. Compete for starting time.
    6. Winston Guy SS Kentucky
    We have nothing behind Babineaux.
    7. David Paulson TE Oregon
    Steal of the draft. Best receiving TE in the draft, with poor workout figures.
  8. Finnebosch

    Finnebosch I am vengeance.

    Resigns and cuts
    Resign: C. Stevens, J. Babinueax, M. Griffin (tagged), J. Ringer, A. Hall, D. Ball
    Cut: S. Smith, R. Mouton

    Free Agents
    Kameron Wimbley, OLB/DE, Oakland Raiders -- done
    Steve Hutchenson, OG, Minnesota Vikings -- done
    Jamaal Jackson, OC, Philadelphia Eagles – High reward signing. Jackson has well documented issues staying healthy but when he was so he was one of the better centers in the NFL.
    Brodrick Bunkley, DT, Denver Broncos – While he is not a pass rusher of any sort Bunkley is a high quality run stuffer and is possibly best 4-3 NT in the NFL. While we will still need a interior pass rusher Bunkley would be a great option in a rotation to help our run defense which was ranked 24th in the league.


    Round 1: Devin Still, DT, Penn State – Devin Still is an explosive playmaker that will add an interior presence that the Titans have lacked since Albert Haynesworth. Still has a good mix of speed, size, and power and will help to anchor our DL for years to come. We may pick Mericilus here but I think he will be off the board by our pick. Still is a better propect then Perry so he gets the nod here.

    Round 2: Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall – Curry was heading towards the 1st round before a bad combine stopped his stock. After posting a horrible 40 time many 3-4 teams will take him off there board and Andre Branch has leap frogged him. He however was elite pass rusher in college and will help to finish the overhauling of the Titans DL. Curry posted a stat line of 11 sacks and 22 TFL.

    Round 3: David Molk, OC, Michigan – Molk played the majority of his career at Michigan at 280 lbs. Molk has always shown very good feet and has the ability to pick up blitzes at the line of scrimmage. He also has shown a good amount of strength in the running game despite the fact he weighed in the 280’s. He showed up to the combine at 298 and proved it was good weight by leading all linemen in the bench press. Molk is prefect for our zone block scheme and will challenge Jackson for the starting role. He will also act as insurance should Jackson not be as healthy as advertised.

    Round 4: DeQuan Menzie, CB, Alabama – In a star studded Alabama secondary Menzie was often the man that was picked on; despite that he provided tight coverag. He is also a very capable player in run support as he has solid tackling abilities. With Finnegan we need another CB for extra depth and Menzie has the potential to be a very solid pro.

    Round 5: Malik Jackson, DE, Tennessee – At 284 lbs Jackson is more of a run stuffer then a pass rusher but he has the size that Gray likes out of his defensive ends. Jackson had a good week at the Senior Bowl and managed to secure a draft spot. Will provide depth at DE and spell Wimbley on 3rd & short situations.

    Round 6: Lonnie Edwards, OG, Texas Tech – Edwards exclusion from the combine and Senior Bowl will push his stock down. Never the less he had a very solid career at Texas Tech and will be a steal in the 6th round. Edwards showed very good strength and feet and will have a lot of potential for Mike Munchek and Bruce Matthews to work with. He will be an eventual successor to Hutchenson.
    Round 7: Someone no one has ever heard of.

    QB: (Hasselbeck/Locker
    HB: C. Johnson/J. Ringer/J. Harper
    FB: A. Hall
    WR: N. Washington/K. Britt/ D. Williams/L. Hawkins/M. Mariani
    TE: J. Cook/C. Stevens
    OT: M. Roos | D. Stewart
    OG: S. Hutchenson | (E. Amano/L. Harris/L. Edwards/ F. Velasco)
    OC: (J. Jackson/ D. Molk)

    DE: K. Wimbley | (D. Morgan/V. Curry/ D. Ball/ M. Jackson)
    DT: J. Casey | D. Still | B. Bunkley | K. Klug | S. Marks
    OLB: A. Ayers | W. Witherspoon
    MLB: C. McCarthy
    CB: J. McCourty/A. Verner/ (C. Hawkins / D. Menzie /T. Campbell)
    FS: M. Griffin
    S: J. Babineux

    K: R. Bironas
    P: B. Kern
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  9. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    Could we be looking at Luke Kuechly?


    I'd take Kuechly at #20, don't think i'd trade up for him though. He'd solidfy our LB corp for yearssss
  10. Architect

    Architect Pain Train

    I love it but I would switch out Menzie for Janzen Jackson, otherwise great, also look at a fullback with the last pick
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