Too early? Titans Mock Draft

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by ScotTitan, Oct 18, 2011.

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    the pouncey brothers?
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    How good are the Steelers' and Dolphins' lines?
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    Assuming we pick in the middle of each round here's my picks:

    1. Michael Floyd. No ideally I'd like a guy in free agency like Bowe or Manningham but if not I'd be OK with Floyd. I do like what I've seen from Williams but if Green Bay has shown us anything it's that the more weapons you give a QB the better he is. Besides outside of Williams and Britt who's always hurt and Cook who we're kinda still waiting on who do we have that puts fear into defenses? Not Chris Johnson, at least not this year. Giving a young QB more weapons is never a bad thing. And it does fill a big need. But like I said, I'd rather get one in free agency.

    2. DT or OG. Both are huge needs that I think need addressed early in the draft and with a free agent signing as well.

    3. RB. If I'm gonna be a homer I'll suggest Daniel Herron but it really doesn't matter. We gotta do something to jump start our dead last rushing attack and I'm not a big believer in free agent running backs or drafting running backs in round 1 so this makes sense.
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    Our D as a whole isn't as terrible as it seems. When they aren't out there 12+ minutes a quarter they can hold their own. But most of the time we get demolished on offense, go 3 and out and put a gassed D on the field.
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    I agree with Eddy , in that we need to spend some money on a decent free Agent WR. If we do, may I suggest:

    1. Luke Kuechly LB Boston College

    I can't believe how good he is, if you haven't done already watch some film on burfict or Te'o then watch some Kuechly film, its night and day the difference, he is the future best LB in NFL.
    Would play MLB for us with McCarthy 'will' and Ayers 'sam'. We would be set at Linebacker for a while.

    2. Jerel Worthy DT Michigan State

    I think he might fall into the second round, he hasn't lived up to the billing this season, but is still a great 310lb athlete. If he is gone I would look at Ta'amu,Still or Chapman. We need a 310lb giant in there. Casey and Worthy could be a great duo.

    3. Vinnie Curry DE Marshall

    I have finally listened to X and tomochek, we do need D-line help and some pass rush. I like what I've seen out of Curry, he's lightning fast off the edge, and shows brute strength in wrestling lineman. Reminds me of Freeney quite a bit. Could do with a touch more weight in the pro's. I'm not sure how he fits in a OLB scheme, so in the third round we should grab him and team him up with Morgan at the end spots. I would also like to sign Jason Jones and have him as the 6th man/3rd down guy who could line up all across the line.

    3.LaMicheal James RB Oregon(Babin is the best Pass rusher in the league=Comp)

    BPA, either CJ gets traded or we cut him or something(I've had enough).Lets grab another speedster in James. He seems to be in third round in most drafts I've seen, which would be a nice grab. I wanna see more of Harper this season. In theory we could trade CJ, cut Ringer and go with Harper/James/Vet RB.

    4. Brandon Washignton G Miami

    Goodbye Jake Scott, he will want to much money and he has been just as bad as Harris and Amano.

    4. Winston Guy SS Kentucky(comp pick for Tulloch)

    Day one starter, maybe not, sign a decent vet and let him develop. Has raw talent and speed. Ridiculous number of tackles. Hits like a freight train in the box.

    5. David Molk C Mighigan

    Whilst a little undersized at 290ish, he is a team leader and is an all-american lifter so he has the strength. I like him as a mid round prospect.

    6. Geogre Iloka FS Bosie State

    We will end up signing Griffin, but he is so frail at tackling. Here we have a rangy safety in Iloka, with fluid hips and great speed. Potential sleeper pick here.

    7. Jordan White WR Western Michigan

    Another sleeper. Outstanding production. deep threat, with solid hands. Must be better than Hawkins
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    We are not as bad as everyone thinks in the o-line situation this how I see it

    LT Roos
    LG Velasco (proved he can make a difference)
    C Harris (clearly a better center)
    RG Rookie Draft Pick/Via Free Agent Scott is old and declining fast in production
    RT Stewart

    Everyone is making it seem like we must overhaul the whole entire line but really need to do is play the best player at the position which they can't

    After watching yesterday game we definately need a legit four man pass rush because everytime we blitz we get burnt across the middle

    We need a replacement linebacker to cover the TE and handle bigger RB's

    IDK if our corners are just that bad but im starting to think they need to replace what is this play off the ball 10 yards every time? We can't press the guy bump or anything?
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    I love Luke Kuechly think he would be a great pick up if he can play the outside position because I believe he a middle backer and im rooting for McCarthy
    Worthy hasnt been production this season but that could mean we could steal him in the 2nd wouldnt be a bad pick
    Curry will no longer be a late round pick he has been too productive 3-4 teams will snatch him out to play that rush linebacker
    James I loved watching him in college after the whole Chris Johnson thing im done with tiny speed backs I miss Eddie George
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    LT: Roos - He's been average at best. He use to be known as one of the best LTs, hasn't shown anything great or terrible this year.

    LG: Velasco hasn't had enough playing time to determine if he's worthy of a full year of starting. Yes, he's been impressive, but i'd like to see him start an entire game(s) before making any judgement.

    C: Harris, not sure why he's "clearly a better center". He had one good game at center when Mawae went down, and our OL was playing the best it ever had. There was a reason he was switched to LG, and he is terrible at LG, why would switching him to C be any better?

    RG: Scott, agree with you here. He's been awful this year as well. Replacement is needed, i'm sure he'll want some money.

    RT: Stewart, also has been average. Use to be Pro-Bowl caliber, and now he's just average.

    Our OL as a unit is struggling, good thing we have two HOF OL on our coaching staff, since they're working wonders right now :suspect:. I think that Roos & Stewart will be fine, just need to improve the interior OL. 1 FA and 1 Draftee (1st-3rd round) = 2 new starters. Then have Amano, Harris, Velasco battle for the other guard spot.

    Yep, our pass rush is awful. as for a "replacement lb" his name is McCarthy. Our corners are fine, we jsut have zero pass-rush.
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    I love McCarthy i'l talking about Witherspoon
  10. How about Malik Jackson in rd 2-3? Kid is a player. My favorite Vol on this year's squad. Great size (6'5" 270) and quickness. It's a shame that he's having to play out of position...but is still playing at an All SEC level.