Tommy Boy has Spoken (Obesity in America)

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    I remember it. Clear as day.

    2004- McNair was hurt a lot, but there was a sense that he still may have had some greatness left in him. So some reason for hope.

    2005- McNair was hurt a lot, and the hope for him was fading. But I remember that draft class that was SO promising. I remember the Reggie Bush Bowl between us and the Texans.
    Things sucked, but there was (what we thought would be) a GREAT player coming our way.. whether it be Bush, Leinart, Cutler, or Young. Tons of reasons for optimism. turns out, all that optimism was for nothing.. but still, it made me hope for good things.

    We were still somewhat high from the early 2000s buzz that the McNair/George era gave us. By the end of 2005, it was about gone, and has never returned in almost a decade. It has gone almost decidedly downhill, with a few exceptions.

    This current era has been SO hum-drum.. so mediocre, so uninspiring. Never the best, rarely the worst. No "imminent" savior on the way, like we thought we had in 2005. Just seemed like we could go on this cycle of boring, mediocre football for ages to come. That, to me, is the worst.

    To me, the moments leading to the Fisher departure, and the bad Munch hire is a lower point than 2004-5. The VY saga was a complete cluster****
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    I remember those days, that was the very first time I went into a season with zero faith. But having zero faith was easy, I knew the outcome would be bad. 2012 and 2013 however, I believed we could overcome our troubles.
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    2013 with a revamped OLine and improving D seemed like a "things are looking up" season - but the same QB injury deal and tired old CJ-up-the-gut / Loggains routine neutered that outlook.
    2014 is a big question mark, but I really hope they go wild with Hunter/Wright and have a big year from Locker..
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    Whether we like to admit it or not, 2013 was a much better year than 2012. We were only one win better, but we were competitive in pretty much every game with the exception of the 49ers and Broncos games (although we held a halftime lead in Denver, which wasn't an easy task).

    In 2012 we lost by 20+ in 6 games. That's horrendous. We only did that once in 2013.
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    I agree with Nick the moments leading to the Fisher departure, and the bad Munch hire was a lower point than 2004-5.

    In my opinion back then in 2004 and 2005 we did have hope that things would change and also had a high draft pick coming.The whole Fisher leaving and Munchak being hired was awful as was the entire Munchak era.The mediocrity seems like it will never end.....

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    Yes we know
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    This is exactly how I feel now in regard to zero faith going into next season. I feel like we have chance with this team to move forward in the direction we need to go in considering what all the other teams are doing too. The last 3 years have just sucked big time and no momentum at all but downward. The first step is to realize we need to rebuild and the 2nd would be to get ourselves a dam franchise qb who is a pocket passer!!
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    Intelligent and narcissistic... check. Good looking... Nope.
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    Right... I also made a thread saying Munch would be back because of this improvement before you did, so suck on that!

    I am glad to have been wrong, but it sure did look like I was right for a while. And technically I still was right because we offered the dude a freakin' extension, but he turned it down.

    He'll be back to LP this season. And I hope we destroy his OL and that douchebag team. I'll welcome him back though.
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