Tomlin takes responsibility for Suisham miss

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    From colleague Josh Cooper …

    Pittsburgh’s decision to let kicker Shaun Suisham go for a 54-yard field goal with 54 seconds left in the fourth quarter was rooted in his successful attempt from 52 yards earlier in the frame.

    Since Suisham hit that one so clean, and with plenty of distance, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin decided to give him a shot to break the 23-23 tie.

    Suisham missed short. That left the Titans with a short field to go for the victory.

    “He banged the other one before that pretty clean,” Tomlin said. “I decided to give him a shot at it, I take responsibility for the miss.”

    Source: Titans Insider
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    Hate the steelers but he is a heckuva coach
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