Todd McShay may be the most accurate, but he's always wrong when it comes to the Titans

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by JCBRAVE, Apr 5, 2013.

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    ESPN has gotten too focused on the entertainment side of things. When I was a kid their NFL pre-game show was the my favorite. Now it is my least favorite. Way too much fluff. NFL network now has my favorite pre-game show.
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    Never heard of pundittracker before. I've always gone by Huddle Report, which has Kiper as the 4th most accurate overall for the last five years. I'm not a Kiper fan, but that's pretty damn good.

    Mayock has only been graded for two years so he's not high on the 5-year list - not sure how much longer he's been doing mocks.

    McShay isn't even listed on Huddle Report. He's probably declined to participate.

    Note: Huddle Report grades are for the first round only.
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    No preference.

    I'll listen to any of them with interest. I just watch these guys to hear about players and get an idea of who teams might be considering.

    It is ridiculous to expect anyone to be able to guess who another man (group of men) is going to pick. I don't really see it as their job to "be right".
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