To those fans content with 9-7.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Subjugation, Jan 1, 2012.

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  1. GoT

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    The Tennessee Titans glorious victory over the hapless cows was the 400th victory in franchise history.

    if I heard Mike Keith correctly
  2. Gunny

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    This says 386 but I don't know if it includes playoffs.
  3. GoT

    GoT Strength and Honor

    sadly 14 PO wins feels about right - lol
  4. Soxcat

    Soxcat Pro Bowler

    The 9-7 record isn't so bad but because we lost to the Colts late in the season and failed to make the playoffs nobody should be happy about that.

    As far as being content I'm not sure what that means. Nobody in their right mind is saying they want to be a 9-7 or 8-8 team year in and year out. Of course nobody in their right mind spends hours micro-analyzing every play we left on the field either. It is what it is. This is far from a perfect team and the coaching staff is new with a first time HC. What did people expect, a dynasty with this group starting in year one?

    But as a work in progress there were some very positive things. We had a great rookie class. We saw a glimpse of our rookie QB and hopfully good things to come. We also saw this team has some significant holes that need to be filled before we can truly say this is a SB contending team.

    So give the team and the coaches some time to build this thing into a winner. For the most part I think it was a decent start. Improve and win a few more next year and make the playoffs. Improve some more and contend for a SB. But there are many things that have to happen. MR has to make wise decisions in FA and the draft. Munch has to make the right decisions on coaches and players and gain experience and improve as a game coach. Young players have to continue to improve and the position coaches have to coach them up. It doesn't happen over night.

    And most importantly, Locker has to become a viable franchise QB. If Locker becomes the next Aaron Rodgers Munch and his coaching staff will look real good.
  5. Alzarius

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    Teams lose games they shouldnt lose every season and almost every team does it.

    Doesnt mean im happy about it, but it happens.

    LANGSTER Pro Bowler

    I am not content but at times a sense that the front office is content. Our offensive line was terrible and the question is why? Is it palmer's scheme? Losing munch as the o-line coach and getting matthews? Is it Amano? Do both guards suck that bad? Why can we not drive people off the football. Maybe the players maybe the scheme but I am most dissappointed in a well paid o-line that had its worst year to me, since the titans came to tennessee. All is not lost I really think we make some moves and an offseason this team could be really good. Feel much better today than one year ago!
  7. terapinfly

    terapinfly Baby, won't you carry me

    I agree with the OP. We need some leaders.....
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