Titans Won't Overlook Lions

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    SUMMARY: The Titans know the 0-11 Lions have been much closer to winning games lately and need to play well in order to win their Thanksgiving Day game today. "They’re so close," Kerry Collins said. "They’ve been so close in a lot of games and they’re playing extremely hard. I know this, we need to play better football than we were the other day." They also think they'll see the Lions best game yet today. "The thought process is this: I’ve played in Detroit on Thanksgiving Day before and I know how jacked up and excited those guys get," Alge Crumpler said. "People try to say it’s just Detroit, but there’ll be more people watching this game than a normal Monday night football game or Sunday night game. I know a lot of people that don’t know a damn thing about football that sit on the couch on Thanksgiving and watch football."

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  2. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    and they can be so annoying to watch with.
  3. That's why I'm actually recording a Titans Lions game. The visitors won't allow me to watch the contest the way I'd like to....
  4. Gunny

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    I hate being asked questions about sport while watching.
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