Titans Will Choose Best Player with #3

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by goTitans.com, Feb 1, 2006.

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    Well, Soxcat.. it would be a lot of easier if your future self could just call Floyd Reese and tell him which players pan out 5 years down the road...

    It's all good and fine to claim Woolfolk was a bad pick 3 years after the fact, but I seriously doubt anyone had Tillman or Mathis rated a whole lot higher. Just like nobody had Tom Brady rated high.
  2. No I don't act like there is a conspiracy but all this talk like he can't play at all is straight hogwash. None of you can get on that field and hold his jockstrap. When I post his stats prior to and after his injury this year, it isn't addressed. You people are stuck in a mode of perception. Well perceive this. The whole team stunk this year minus KVB, and Bulluck on defense (yes, even Hill and Pac were up and down up and down). On offense a few key people... When Hill and Pac made plays you raved. When Andre made them the critical people were quiet and the haters were invisible. Don't sit on this board and Lie. I will really make you mad and post the clips right out of the stats that don't lie or the Play by Play from good and bad games for everyone and run my warning meter off the charts. Bottom line yes there is room to improve but this he has no cover skills based on him being burned by Marvin Harrison and Torre Holt. No one can cover them to shut down mode. No one in the league. Then you all of a sudden expected it. Yes, Marvin burned Hill up and Wayne burned Pac up in the second Colts game and Marvin got one on Andre again. Like I said reference the late year Miami game when no one caught a pass in the slot vs Andre. As a matter of a fact he covered it down to the point they didn't even throw to the slot guys (if they could have they would have - be honest). Coincidingly the outside people were slaughtered and as a result the Titans were slaughtered. There is no sympathy game going on. The book is not closed on Andre and you don't have to believe. Like I have said all along, this summer, his first workout summer since the 2003 draft (injuries), he will improve and a battle will ensue in camp. Yes, Hill did great overall, but he will be challenged and if Andre wins the job back, it will mean that the team only got better. Now the conspiracy thing, maybe not with you, but there are a few proven haters and it is proven.

    Anyway, what I asked for was a truce. I said I would chill, with agreeance of others chilling. What happens, I tried to get into my civies and out of the camouflage bullet proof vest and people pulled out nines, machettes, uzis and bazookas. Well time to load my clips I guess. NFL.COM/Titansonline.com/ESPN.COM/Some of your own post times and non post times.... hmmmm
  3. Hey you didn't read my post carefully enough. I said WHEN HE WAS DRAFTED, the Titans tried to pick the best corner available, based on what they base it on..... The combine/ the Senior Bowl and the promotional tapes provided to NFL Scouts (I saw Andre's - my brother holds the master tape)... According to all of these elements combined he was sitting at # 3. Can your mind get past the bag on your signature. Is this too hard to understand. Reese felt he was picking the best corner available then. I never said anything about what he thinks now. This thread was about picking the best player available meaning now. Example, the Chargers picked Ryan Leaf because he appeared to be walking on water and he completely imploded. Andre has not imploded like that and still has a fighting chance left. I know for a fact he is going to come out and give it all he's got and if his off season work is as good as it has been in the past (Not the NFL because he hasn't been able to until this season - he was hurt the last two offseasons). You may say that was college, it doesn't count but it does count. When he was at OU, his offseason workout is what catapulted him to starting as a sophmore on offense and then, on both offense and defense as a junior. Then exclusively defense as a senior. He was name ironman of the team sophmore and junior year, not for sympathy. OU was a top 5 defense in his junior year and he was a big part of that. He did shut a lot of big name receivers down (Roy Williams the most notable)... Ok don't say it is irrelevant yet. His success was a carry over from his offseason work. He is extremely dedicated to becoming better and always has been so being injured just stiffled his progress. Now he is healthy and it will show when minicamp comes and when Camp comes. I hope you keep your word Soxcat about showing your appreciation when you see the improvement, because I will be calling like my girl KIMBERLY for you to come screamin...... OUT LOUD.... Kim I am still a fan ..... WU
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    that just says that all cb's taken that year were under achievers
  5. who in the world are you: :chairwack :chuck: :suspect:
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    Heh. That's pretty funny.
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    sorry dude, I was saying what was on my mind. If I offeneded you, I apologize. To tell you the truth. I hope A&W comes back with fire in his eyes.
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