Titans vs Rams

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  1. damersbrah

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    Can't overlook this team, but we have significant talent advantage. Though I'm sure Fisher and the boys will be ready to play. Maybe I am in the minority of fan base, but I have a lot of respect for Fisher as a head coach. He did a lot of great things for this team and the league, and brought an identity and character to this franchise. Now there is no better way to show our respect than to go out their and run the ball down their throats and dominate the LOS (on both sides of the ball). Here's to Fisher and another Titans win:beer:
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  2. mike75

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    We better beat St. Louis and Jacksonville.There are no excuses for those two games coming up.We lost to Jacksonville the year they went 2-14 and all i can say is that better not happen again.
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  3. RavensShallBurn

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    I still get the feeling we will lose to the Jags... they'll be winless and desperate for a win. Our players will probably overlook them and start focusing on Indy. Could be a trap game just like when we lost to Indy when they were 0-13.
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    I was just saying this exact thing to my dad today. We better not lose to them. If we lose to the Jags I would fire everyone on the coaching staff
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  5. Brew City

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    If we lose to STL or JAX the season is over. Might as well look forward to the draft.
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  6. Dman

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    I cannot imagine a loss to the jags because at that point I would be so angry that I wouldn't be able to think straight. We cannot lose to either of these teams. The game that scares me is the raiders, they are better than they appear
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  7. Brew City

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    We struggle against running qbs too. That's the trap game I'm worried about as well.
  8. RavensShallBurn

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    Yep... I've been saying that Oakland game is probably the one we're likeliest to drop. We can't contain mobile QBs, and I don't know why. You'd think with Zach Brown, we'd be fine in that category.

    Here's how I see the rest of our schedule playing out:

    @ Rams W
    Jags W
    Colts W
    @ Raiders L
    @ Colts L
    @ Broncos L
    Cardinals W
    @ Jags W
    Texans W

    That's 9-7. Hopefully that's enough for the 6th seed if this is how the rest of our schedule plays out. It would be weird if it happened exactly like this because that would mean we'd have a L3, W3, L3, W3.

    I can't believe we have three road games in a row. That's absurd.
  9. Big Time Titan

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    What I hope for more than anything is that this extra time off helps get our guys that have been dinged up back to full strength.

    As much as I love and respect Fisher for his time with us I also resent the way he handled his last few years here.
  10. TitanMark

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    If the Titans are on a 3 game winning streak I dont see us losing to the Raiders. I also think we will have a shot at winninf them all except @ Colts because the Broncos defense is just flat horrid. If Jake and this team get on a roll and start having success they may not be stopped.
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