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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Tank, Nov 11, 2012.

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    I hope so at the very least I feel like our LBs are coming together nicely.Bulluck and Tulloch left holes and I think we replaced them with very capable talent.Our D-line could be above average when they get going but I'll settle for mediocre cause we saw no pressure last year and the beginning of this one. I just think our secondary is still shaky, McCourty can be play maker, but he gives up as many plays as he makes. I will say he does make plays at crucial moments. Verner is underrated. I think everyone will agree on our safeties, they are special...so special.

    I think the defense today can really be chalked up to the front seven.
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    He hurt his hamstring in Week 5 and didn't return until week 10, which is when he started for Ruud. I can't remember if we were without both at any point.
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    I asked siri she pointed me to his player page on nfl.com he missed 3 games after the injury but wasn't a starter any way I guess we'll have to see if he make it through a full season

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    With McCarthy being banged up and Brown being new to his role, it's really good to see them coming together like they are.

    I feel like we have 3 studs at LB now.
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    Thats a false statement. I loved the brown pick. He still isnt the best tackler though. I see him getting juked all the time.
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    I'll always admit when I'm wrong and I was wrong I'll eat my words on Mr. Glass McCarthy.