Titans vs. Bills Hall of Fame game thread

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Aug 9, 2009.

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  1. TitansJonne

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    Are you serious? You wanna give a guy a long term deal because he played well against the scrap of the rosters? You guys are looking at it weird, if kerry was in with a ad o-line, chen at rb, andwilliams and davis at wr, then he prob would have been trash also. Wait he was trash in those pre season games a few years back when we had no wr to throw to. And you guys are making it seem like Ramsey was killing with bombs or something. He was hitting some nice curl routes and screens. Let me know when the guy at least scores. Vince had a int his 1st possession, which hawk announced was a bad route, and had 3 3-and-outs. 2 of those three were started in his own redzone. i want to see Ramsey get out of that with great throws. bottomline when vince was given space and field position, he put up a td with some nice throws. So all in all that's why Jeff said Vince played well annd did a good job. They just wanted to see him make strides, and read the defense which he did. And he also put a td pass in the redzone which he has struggled with. So im satisfied with that from a guy who hasn't played a real game in almost a year.
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    Denial is the first step ...

    ... we can help you beat this.
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    If Ramsey continues to play like he did, and Vince continues to suck, I wouldn't mind a long term deal. I would certainly rather us draft a QB, and have drafted QB learn from Kerry Collins, instead of Patrick Ramsey, but that's just me. Don't you ever notice something odd about all these excuses that get made for Vince? You don't have to make those same excuses for the other quarterbacks. Vince made one nice throw. Just because a throw is a completion doesn't make it a nice throw. That one nice throw was the one step pump fake fade in the endzone - which is prepredicated before the snap i.e. no need to read a defense.
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  4. RavensShallBurn

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    I really hate to say it, but you are in denial.

    Learn to let go. Vince sucks. Say it with me... "Vince sucks."

    You said Ramsey played well against the second and third teams? How did Vince play against them? I'll tell how he played... he played like ****.... against noobs.
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