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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Puck, Sep 10, 2006.

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    I can not believe the hate on LT. He was not great again but if pacman could keep with a guy or Hill could cover anyone our safeties would not be dragging there arses all over the field trying to pickup mistakes. Almost every tackle that LT and Hope had and the times they were burned were on play action. Hmmm, I wonder who bit on the play leaving LT on Coles. Why would we stick our FS on the teams #1 WR without blown coverage? The announcers in the 3rd and 4th basically called out both our CBs and made them look silly. And I think Hill was pulled in the 4th with Finnigan playing in almost ever down. You do not know a lick about football if you are blaming our poor secondary play completely on our safeties.

    Collins play was typical of Collins and why I do not like they guy. Just enough to make his numbers look ok but the bigger question is why we could not mount a drive under him until the 4th. Young looked better on his drive, less the INT, which Collins had two of. Collins can not move enough with our line. A QB with any mobility would not have been sacked or balls batted as much as Collins. He had several opportunities to at least move out of a collapsing pocket and give the play more time. Collins passes were typically behind our receivers. He should have had one of his first 5 balls picked but the defender was too shocked to have a ball hit HIM in the chest that he did not react.

    Sirmons PI was a PI. The rule is the player has a right to the spot he is standing in. Sirmon going threw the WR to swat the ball is PI. If the WR is not moving he has a right to his position which Sirmon totally ignored.
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    You do realise there's something called zone coverage right? Which means if the #1 receiver is in LT's zone, he will be LT's responsibility. Last year we ran almost exclusively zone coverage (according to Schwartz and Fisher) because we're not very good at man, and I doubt that has changed much.
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