Titans too young to succeed in 2004....LIE!!

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RollTide, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. Canadian Titan

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    Don't forget our kicker was a rookie too!

    Blame it on the kicker!
  2. Look, the Patriots took a significant hit when they lost guys like Harrison, Light, and their CBs. Their secondary isn't nearly what it was, and their OLine took a hit. And it shows in their results. They are clearly not as good as previous years. They have a 3-3 record against this year's playoff teams (if you incliude the win last week against JAX). And they got "hot" against a bunch of non-playoff teams.

    But their front 7 on defense is still great and loaded with vets. And their skill players on offense haven't changed.
  3. Fry

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    and they havent been able to run the ball worth a damn this year, which is why brady led the league in passing yards.
  4. Gunny

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    FYI Michael Stone is a 5 year veteren.
  5. rcarie

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    Coming off the bench:

    R. Reynolds
    C. Spencer
    R. Gargner


    All of these players are in ther 1st or 2nd year and that's not counting starters. Are you watching another team or something? This also leaves out special teams.... If you don't think youth has anything to do with us sucking you need to Roll another one.
  6. RollTide

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    That's the dumbest post yet on this thread. I was talking about TOP reserves, guys who actually play a lot. Guys who may have to start on occasion like your backup QB. How in the hell was gardner a top reserve? He played all year behind about 6 guys. If pacman gets kicked out of the game beckham replaces him NOT gardner.

    Clauss was our #4 DT. #4!

    Schobel wasn't even active for half the games. Is that a joke? I'm talking about guys you rely on to win games not guys barely on the damn team!

    Spencer and reynolds are just special teams players. Boiman was our top backup linebacker and you know that.

    Loper never played, not even one game, stewart never played, not even a single game, guenther hardly played. Are you saying they are the reason we sucked this year when they hardly saw action? Payton was third string all year! He played behind a third year back and a 5th year back and your blaming his inexperience for ther titans woes.

    OJ small? OJ small? He was a reason we sucked? He only played in the last 2 games. Oh yes the titans missed the playoff this year because OJ small was too young to perform.

    As for special teams i didn't know that players needed 5-6 years nfl experience to play there. Wasn't special teams one of our positive aspects of the team anyway? And bo scaife is hardly the reason we lost either. He was a positive note in a sour season.

    I guess it makes too much sense to assume the offensive line sucked because veterans like hartwig-olson-piller-hopkins didn't play well. You would rather blame it on guys who barely played at all. Are you nuts?:sad2:
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    The pats started 45 different starters and still went 11-5 and won a playoff game. It's the injury factor that is at the heart of my complaint. Normally you have problems with young players because a veteran starter goes down and has to be replaced by a young player who may not be ready. May not have the experience. At the same problem that young player us usually backed up by a less talented and sometimes even younger player.

    How often did that happen to us this year? Never? Name one. When we began this year we had a veteran player at almost every single position! The rookies that did play this year did so because they were better than the more seasoned guy in front of them. Maybe your lack of talent argument is more valid.

    The injury problem did happen to us in 2004 which provided plenty of playing opportunities for guys like odom, la boy, starks, waddell, gardner, bell troupe. Yet all those guys were too young to play well this year? Come on!

    What more could a team ask for. 4 veteran offensive lineman in their third season together as a unit. An 11 year starting QB backed up by a 6 year guy. How many teams have that? All three starting linebackers were veterans. Both starting safeties were veterans. Our starting corners as the season began were veterans. Our two starting WR we began the year with were veterans. A 6 year starting TE, a third and 5th year pair of runningbacks both with 1000 yard seasons under their belts. If the team sucked this year it was because of the veterans!
  8. Rolltide

    Point to a single post on this message board by any reputable poster who says that the veterans played well enough in 2005...

    I'm not sure why you are still trying to argue with me on this issue (other than perhaps 2nd nature). You already agreed with me that youth was, in fact, an issue. And I've already said that youth was neither the only problem nor the main one. So which specific point(s) that I've made are you taking issue with???
  9. RollTide

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    Something to chew on...

    The tennessee titans had 14 starting players with 4 or more years experience in 2005. 15 if you count hentrich. Those 15 veterans combined, COMBINED missed just 10 games this year.

    When an entire team of veterans is healthy and plays that poorly there is one guy who needs to take the blame.
    The head coach, Jeff fisher.

    Starkiller i'm glad you fianlly agree with me. Thank you buddy, i knew you would come around.
  10. Oddly enough, my opinion has remained the same since you started arguing with me. :rolleyes:

    You're wrong about blaming it all on Fisher, of course...
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