Titans to consider multiple options at center

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Bonky, May 17, 2012.

  1. Aqutis30

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    That sounds like a sweet deal!
  2. ImATitan

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    Let Velasco win the job.
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    Eugene makes the 2nd highest base salary in the league at Center. This is criminal.
  4. GoT

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    well at least that goes away as long as he is not on the team w1, fishface ensured EA got a pretty real big signing bonus too go with that and that accelerates if EA is cut.

  5. mike75

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    WOW,c'mon Webster and Reiny goodness surely we can get a better center in here for that kind of money.For what we are paying Eugene at center you mean to tell me we could not get Myers or Koppen or any center better than Amano????? Better yet we are gonna sit on our hands and let this bum play center AGAIN this season? Velasco or one of those other players will beat this guy for the job i have no doubt.I did a double take when i saw he was pretty much the highest paid center in football.

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    I'm pretty sure it was Fisher's intention all along to make the Titans a bad team from 2009. Think about it. Not once but twice he goes 0-6 in two years. The idiot keeps all his friends on the team, doesn't care about being good at all, Chuck Cecil and Donnie Nickey anyone? Hello, Fisher WANTED to suck.

    On top of that he re-signs Amano who is possibly the dumbest lineman in football. Kept Kerry Collins in commission when it was apparent a 12 year old Vince Young was a better option. And drafted losers like Marks, and Mouton.

    The man has made dozens of mistakes during his last few years in TN, but the sad part is he thought he was really trying. What a bum. Thank God he's gone. If only he took his sucky players with him when he left....
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    Amen and i feel the same way.Those fans in St. Louis have no clue what they are in for.Yeah Fisher with the help of that idiot Collins at QB pretty much ran this team into the ground the last couple years he was here.Anyone could see how bad Collins sucked and yet he stll kept him in the lineup.Watch Fisher will have someone replace Bradford at QB by the third or fourth game and i bet it will be Kyle Boller or someone who sucks at QB.If it isn't Boller it will be McCown or someone similar.Get ready for plenty of 8-8 seasons up in St. Louis.Fisher usual run-run-pass offense will get old real quick and those fans are a long long way from the Greatest Show On Turf,lol. Isn't it funny how things end up working out sometimes.

    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    What I find funny is how everyone likes to say Vince Young was dumb, he may have been the smartest player in the locker room in 2010, he was the only player to call out Fisher on the bull crap he was pulling. Then that genius named Fisher did the best thing a team could do, he banished Vince Young from the Titans.

    Who was he expecting to play QB? Rusty Smith? Ha! What a joke.

    I've woken up smiling every day since we dumped Fisher.
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    I just had a thought, I wonder what you guys think. What about Mike Otto to play center? I know the team/coaches would never do it but IMO he could be our 4th best o-lineman behind Roos, Stewart, and Hutchinson. I know he's a versatile player and can play multiple positions. I wonder if he'd be a good fit there?
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    I like the idea but I remember Coach Munchak sayin that Otto is best at backup T. I think that Matthews and Vlachos have the best chance to beat out Amano at C.

    I'm praying that Matthews wins the job and becomes a lifetime All-Pro like his daddy. I know that's getting a little ahead of myself but wouldn't it be nice.