Titans Taking Advantage of Bye Week

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    SUMMARY: The Tennessee Titans are focusing on the opportunities gained with a bye week before their AFC Divisional Game on Jan 10. "You’ve got to realize what you’ve got at stake. You’ve got guys that have played in the league 13 or 14 years and never had a legitimate chance at winning a championship," Chris Hope said. "Any chance you get to make it to the playoffs and set yourself up with a bye week and home-field advantage, you’ve got to take advantage of it." Kerry Collins says the goal is to use the time to improve and that the veterans will help keep the team focused. "I think it gives you an opportunity to work on things that you want to work on going forward and getting better at the things we’ve been doing," Collins said. "The one time I had home-field advantage, we came out and played a very good football game. I think that’s where the veteran leadership comes in and stresses the importance of what this week is about."

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