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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Dangermode, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. Dangermode

    Dangermode A New Era has Begun

    Key Additions:

    RB: Chris Johnson - 4.24 40 and great hands. Vince isn't a downfield passer so Johnson adds a tremendous playmaker in the short game. Should be used allot in the slot and on screens like Welker and Westbrook but with even greater game breaking ability. Johnson will definitely help move the chains.

    TE: Alge Crumpler - Again the coaches recognize Vince's need for help in the short passing game. Crumpler gets open. Plain and simple. One of the top TE in the league.

    TE: Craig Stevens - Arguably the best run blocking TE in the Draft. The Titans are a run first team. This makes a ton of sense long term.

    OT: Michael Roos - Signing Roos to a new 6 year deal will help our offensive production for years to come.

    OG: Jake Scott - Helps solidify one of the more solid O-lines in the league.

    OC: Mike Heimerdinger: Somehow got an MVP performance out of Steve Mcnair. Known for is ability to develop recievers. Big upgrade over an innefective Chow.

    Other Additions:

    WR: Justin McCareins
    WR: Justin Gage (Resigned)
    WR: Lavelle Hawkins
    TE: Dwayne Blakley
    RB: Omar Cuff

    All in all a very, very productive offseason for the Titans offensively. With a very weak class of Wide Receivers this draft that didn't see a single receiver taken until the second round, the Titans selected an explosive playmaker in Johnson who should help the offense immediately. Titandom might have to wait another year before we get that "Stud" wide receiver that many believe will somehow make all the difference - See: Chad Johnson in Cinncinnatti, Larry Fitzgerald in AZ, Roy Williams in Detroit, Andre Johnson in Houston, Steve Smith in Carolina, Marques Colston in NO, Torry Holt in St. Lou, etc. etc.. The Titans FO apparently ALSO noticed that none of these teams even made the playoffs last year. The Titans glass is most certainly half full.
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  2. nate42104

    nate42104 Camp Fodder

    Every team listed were part of teams with horrible defenses...one player can't single handedly run a team into the playoffs, but he can certainly bump a team like TN from barely above average to Superbowl contending. And, I don't think the fans/analysts are crazy in thinking we need to upgrade our #1 Roydell Williams (I guess he's our #1, I dont even know).
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