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    As awful as our special teams have been, I for one along with a lot of other people would probably just be happy with no turnovers.

    We don't even expect them to make a play that's how sad it's gotten that they're spotting the other team 7 points a game from bonehead moves. If they downed every kick or just fair catched everything that would be great!

    I think we shot our special teams load with the fantasy gods in the music city miracle. It's been downhill since them and every since that scrub fumbled the kick return against the raiders in the AFC title game, anyone remember who that was? Believe it was a RB we had back there.

    But honestly how much do we really expect from our special teams at this point? It's embarrassing.
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    I agree fair catch and kneel everything.
  3. Alzarius

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    From a unit this bad. Expect nothing. If you do, you will get disappointed.
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    John Simon would be the scrub.

    Yeah, it really sucks time after time to see how awful our special teams is. If we aren't screwing up by not getting past the 15 yard mark, we are letting teams constantly get to around the 35 yard line.
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    I got this . . . . .
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    The Music City Miracle overshadowed a lot of our Special Teams play through the years - just like grade school, you only remember the good parts.

    The reality is that our Special Teams have never really been that good. Frankly, Lowry should've been gone when Fisher was, at the latest. Granted, I'm not condoning what we have, but much like getting rid of Fisher... it was simply time to move on with the Special Teams coach. He wasn't all that good, frankly. Unfortunately, this team hasn't found that "fit" for that position - but, then the whole coaching staff is highly suspect.

    A new Head Coach would replace nearly every position coach we have. Probably replace all of them.
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    lowry was great when you gave him an actual returner and not the Waddells, Simons, and whoever was left over. Letting go of Lowry was a mistake, no way around it.
  8. RTH

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    Disagree. He should've been let go sooner.

    Guarantee Reynaud would still have made all the same mistakes under Lowry and "Wiggles" would've fumbled that return under him, also.

    The Onside-kicks... the Return BLOCKING and the Return Defense would all be on the STs coach. Not the utter stupidity of the guy returning the ball.

    Of course, if Mariani hadn't been injured... I know there wouldn't be as much "lamenting" of Lowry.

    Our returners have been AWFUL - and you said yourself that Lowry was only good with a decent returner.
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    you are right, you can't fix guys like Reynaud. we have had two different guys make the pro bowl under Lowry by returning and don't forget about Pac. you draft guys who can play special teams right? why are we not drafting people who can return? how have Ringer, Harper, Wooten, Stafford, RoJo, Rolle, Martin, etc helped out? not much, we don't address the position, you have to give him something to work with.
  10. RTH

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    Bear in mind how heavily penalized we were when Pac returned the ball. It happened A LOT.

    Yeah, he had some good returns... but the penalties were simply unnecessary. Pac was a gifted returner... I'm willing to bet that was more on the player than whatever coach he would've had.