Titans sign Fitzpatrick

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Sonic28, Mar 18, 2013.

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    out of bounds...in the stands...holding a bottle of whiskey...dead of alcohol poisoning
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    I am starting to think TST had a brief homosexual experience with VY and VY never called back.
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    well he can rest assured it is because he could not afford to pay his phone bill when it was cut off.
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    Hello everyone! I'm new here. In fact, I joined this board just to discuss the Fitzpatrick signing. See, I'm a Bills fan normally.... but I'm an even bigger Fitz fan. (Which means I now have a second favorite team! I actually lived a year in Nashville back in the 90s, and thought it was a great town. I bought my first guitar there; lived up near Vandy and Music Row.)​
    Anyhow, first I'll try to give you the lowdown of what the Bills fanbase has been saying about Fitz over the last year. Then I'll try to give you some data. Then I'll give you my take, for what it's worth.​
    If you go trolling through the Bills message board, you'll see that about 75% of the posters can't stand Fitz at this point--- some of them really, really can't stand him. There are about maybe 10% who think Fitz is a good to great QB and think that cutting him was idiotic (I am in that camp.) Then there are about 15% of the people who are neutral.​
    As far as I can fathom, here are the main criticisms the haters have over Fitz:​
    He can't throw the long ball.​
    He throws a lot of interceptions, especially at the wrong time when the game is on the line.​
    He is inaccurate, even with the short passes. He throws behind or over his receivers, putting them in danger.​
    His win loss record is poor.​
    There is some truth to these criticisms. Here is my take on them:​
    He CAN throw the long ball. The guy CAN throw deep. Youtube "Terrell Owens Ryan Fitzpatrick" to see the longest pass play in Bills history-- 99 yards with about 50 in the air. One of the most beautiful pass plays I've ever seen. You really should take a look. The thing is, although he CAN do it, he doesn't often actually do it. I don't know why that is.​
    The interceptions: This has some truth to it as well. What people were getting tired of was that he would play lights out for three quarters... and just when the game was on the line... the Bills were headed to a game winning score---- Fitz would throw a terrible interception. This happened more times than anyone would like to recall. Even I--- a Fitz fan--- was getting tired of it.​
    Here's the thing, though: Through week 11, the Bills D was on pace to allow the most number of points in the HISTORY OF THE NFL. They got marginally better the last third of the season. When in four out of the first 7 games your D allows 48, 52, 45 and 35, your QB is going to be forced to try to make plays that aren't there.​
    In addition to the D putting him in an almost impossible position time and time again, the head coach was an utter misery at play calling... making idiotic call after idiotic call. In the previous season, Fitz had free reign to change the play at the line--- see the Owens pass above-- but last season Gailey (the coach) stopped him from doing that. This was just plain dumb.​
    One of Fitz' strongest suits is reading defenses. You have to let him change the play at the line if he sees something.​
    As far as accuracy: It think that criticism is kind of BS. The stats don't lie. Fitz had a completion percentage of 60.6% this year. That was 16th best out of 32 starters. That is exactly average. However, passing require TWO players... and the Bills had a very weak wide receiver corps..... In fact....​
    It would have been better if we hadn't had three receivers who dropped a huge number of balls. TJ Graham, Stevie Johnson and tight end Scott Chandler. TJ Graham (Bills first round draft pick last year) and Johnson (our #1 receiver) were BOTH in the top 16 for dropped balls in the NFL, dropping a total of 14 combined.​
    OK, now here's the thing:​
    Fitz was the first Bills QB since Jim Kelly to throw over 23 TD passes for three seasons in a row.​
    Fitz had the 17th highest passer rating out of 32 starters last season.​
    He had the highest QB rating of his entire career last season. He actually got BETTER.​
    He's passed for over 14,000 yards in his career.​
    My final point:​
    In the right system, with two decent wideouts, a defense that isn't giving up the most points in the history of the NFL, and a coach who can call a good play and allow him to change the play at the line, Fitz can be a good QB. I still have hope that he can be a GREAT QB. He is tough as nails--- typically throws one block for his RB per game--- and will stand up to anyone. His teammates loved him. (I actually had a chance to meet him and his wife. They are great people.)​
    And yeah, he's a genius, too. Second highest Wonderlic. Harvard grad. Blah blah blah.​
    The Bills made a huge mistake letting him go. The Bills message board--- other than a few objective folks--- don't get it: Fitz was not the problem. Now the Bills have... Tavaris Jackson going into the draft? A guy who didn't even suit up most of last season!​
    Oh boy.​
    I think Tennessee got a steal.​
    I hope he comes in and takes y'all to the playoffs. He's exciting to watch. I know I'll be watching if he ever gets a start for you.​
    I'd be glad to try to answer any questions if you have any.​
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    Yea after dissecting film since I've last posted I've come to the conclusion that Fitzpatrick came here to F$&k b$tches, get money, throw touchdown passes, and chew bubblegum....and he's all out of bubblegum and has enough vagina and cash to last a life time.
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    And locker could probably hit him if he was aiming for the 3 yard dumpoff but the receiver was sitting in the north endzone bleachers
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    Classic Fisher... running a great fake punt in a game that doesn't count.
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    If for some reason Jake Locker falls out of favor or doesn't get it done i do think Fitzpatrick could do wonders for the offense if he is not having to play catch up or come from behind.The main problem in Buffalo was the defense was so bad that Fitz was always trying to play from behind and too much was asked of him so it was too much pressure.With a good defense the Titans could very well find out Fitzpatrick has the makings of being a really good QB.He will have a pretty good line protecting him and two good RB's to depend on along with a decent cast of receivers and tight ends.

    The four years he was in Buffalo he always threw more TD's than INT each of the four seasons he was there and averaged around 3,000 yards a season while averaging around 20 TD's and 15 INT in an average season.The fact that he was always playing from behind might be a reason for some of the interceptions especially considering he was constantly throwing the ball and was under pressure to come back from deficit margins most of the time.During the second week of the 2011 season, Fitzpatrick led the Bills to touchdown drives on five straight possessions in the second half to rally past the Raiders. It was the first time in league history a team had scored offensive touchdowns on five straight possessions in the second half.After the 2011 season, it was revealed that Fitzpatrick had broken his ribs in a game against the Washington Redskins, which was presumably a factor in his decline in play over the rest of the season but he did continue to play instead of missing games like some QB's do when playing with injuries but it is a sign of toughness.

    The Bills gave Fitzpatrick a huge contract worthy of a starting quarterback for six years, $59 million contract extension including a $10 million signing bonus and after four seasons where the Bills went 6-10 in 2009,4-12 in 2010,6-10 in 2011 and 6-10 again in 2012 the Bills decided to cut Fitzpatrick loose and he was made the scapegoat for all the reasons they couldn't win.Well not only did Fitzpatrick play on a crappy team but they had a bad defense and he was always trying to play catch up not to mention spending way too much time on the field because of the defense bad play.

    The bottom line is Fitzpatrick was actually a good QB and you can look at the stats and see he wasn't that bad especially considering the circumstances of him being on the field way too long due to a poor defense and always throwing the ball trying to play catch up to give the team chance to win.Given the right opportunity on a team with a good defense so he doesn't have to play from behind all the time along with playing with a good line to protect him on offense he could very well flourish.Not to mention having a good rushing duo to fall back on and capable receivers and tight ends.

    Like the poster FromTheNorth stated there is a really good chance this could be a steal and with the right team Fitzpatrick could turn into a very good QB sometimes all thats needed is a change of scenery and a winning team which is Tennessee.Also Fitz went to Harvard and is the fifth smartest person in all sports.


    I think Jake will be a very good QB in this league. That being said, let them battle it out in camp. May the best man start.
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    I prefer the "Fitzmagic" song:

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