Titans shopping Nate Washington

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    Any guesses on what we'd get? Maybe they think Williams can step up. That'd give us Britt, Wright, Williams, Hawkins/Mariani/Rookie
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    A 5th round pick at best
  3. Ensconatus

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    I feel great about britt, wright, Washington.

    I feel subpar about britt, wright, Dwill.

    The fact we lost cook is also something to weight on this as well... We are redressing two main targets this season? Is that honestly a good idea? Walker is a better TE than cook, but cook has the upper hand in the WR area. Then losing Washington...?? What's to gain from this.

    Dwill is a bum. I think they would push Hawkins into the wright role and push wright outside. They are very similar but wright has more deep threat possibility.

    Still not understanding this very well. BUT I think Webster has done a fine job. Lets see how he plays this.
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