Titans schedule 2 workouts with Jake Locker

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by TorontoTitanFan, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Seems fair enough, but do you really see Locker only being as good as Collins? If that's the case, maybe I should rethink how I ranked these QB's. I look at Locker and see a winner, I look at Newton and see a winner. But when I look at Kerry Collins, I want to puke.
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    You always hear Locker's accuracy questioned but if the guy hits a receiver in the hands and he drops it, it's not really his fault. I did some research and found that Locker had 41 dropped passes this year. If you add those into his completion percentage it jumps from 55% to 68%! He had no help on that team and his WR's were terrible.

    Now, with that said, I like Locker. He's still my #2 QB (behind Mallett). I would still rather take a defensive stud at 8 and trade back up into round 1 late and get Locker or Mallett, whichever is still there.

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    Which is exactly why I'm high on him. He was playing with scrubs, and he carried Washinton all alone. Give Locker some talent, and watch out. That footwork thing is nothing. Locker realizes his feet are too wide when he throws. If he has a good showing later this month at his pro day, I'm 100% sold on him as our QB.
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    I know this is a message board and it's fun to toss out strong opinions because no one will hold you accountable for what you say, but what possible reason could anyone have for thinking that Locker won't overcome his difficulties? And I can say the exact same thing for anyone who thinks he will become an accurate passer.

    No matter what side of the coin we're on, the fact is that we're all just guessing and pretending we know what we're talking about. None of us is an expert in QB mechanics and accuracy. If anyone actually is, I imagine the Titans might be interested in talking to you.
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    good post^^^. can't high five yet. If this is last year and locker comes out he is a top ten pick and everyone was raving about him.
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    & looked how good he turned out :grrhee:
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    Actually, Chad Henne has been pretty good between the 20s.

    Just hasnt been able to get passes in to the endzone.
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    I just meant their stats could be comparable. Kerry's career averages are 55.8%, ~3300 yards passing/season, and a 1:1 TD/INT ratio. That's about where I see Locker ending up, but I could be completely wrong.

    Again, he received a second round grade from the Draft Advisory Committee. Same grade Ponder received. McShay just overhyped him, just like he overhyped Jevan Snead.

    I guess? I don't necessarily agree with what you're saying, and I have several reasons for it. First, scouting doesn't require actually playing the sport at some professional level. It helps, but look at the scouts that most organizations hire. Most of them are students fresh out of college who might have interned with the team. I know some people like that who are high school scouts now for universities. Second, scouting is as much about experience as it is about knowledge of the mechanics, etc. If you follow something long enough, you start to see what works and what doesn't. I've diligently followed scouting for almost 10 years (I actually started out only scouting QBs), and you start to understand the patterns. Finally, and I don't want to sound arrogant here, but it does not take a genius to scout. If you pick up some books, write down notes, and learn what NFL teams are looking for, then you start to understand how to scout. It's really very simple, and I honestly think you're putting these scouts on some imaginary pedestal.
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    He had 2 horrible performances against Nebraska.

    4-20 and 5-16.

    I'm not worried about one stat in particular but in 4 years he never cracked a 130 passing rating. He threw 41 interceptions as well in his career there.
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    There are more factors to Jake Lockers completion %.

    Namely, he played on a team that would struggle to compete in the Sun Belt, the worst D1 division.

    And yet he single handedly got them to a bowl game, and won it.

    I understand your point, and I respect it. But give this kid Britt and it could be scary.
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