Breaking News Titans release G Josh Kline

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by KyTitansFan, Mar 15, 2019.

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  1. titans1839

    titans1839 Starter

    Don't forget Levin. He was the guard to come in once Spain was benched last year. I would bet we draft a G/C in the first 2 rounds this year. Kelly, Pamphile, Levin and Grasu is really good depth with the rookie.
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  2. Rwill

    Rwill Starter

    The reason I have been saying this should happen for quite some time is because Conklin gets more time to recover at a position that doesn't require as much agility and Kelly is doing a good job at RT in the meantime. Once Conklin is fully back and has his game feet under him, then move him back to RT. Conklin is too good not to use if he is available, but putting him back in a position that could aggravate his injury or give him less of a chance to succeed doesn't help anyone. Also, RT is more money than guard, when/if he resigns, Conklin is going to want tackle money, not guard money.
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  3. Young54

    Young54 Starter

    For those of you who like PFF, can someone tell me Kline's scores in 2016 and 2017?

    I know a lot of people are calling this a mistake, but if my memory serves me, he played really well when we got him and was part of the HUGE turn around in our running production/physicality. Remember the Andrews and Sankey days?? Chance Warmack and, who was it... Meredith and Poutasi? Terrible! Kline was 100% worth picking up. It was a good move by JRob.

    Is it his time to go? Absolutely. And yes, give JRob credit for knowing when to move on from players he's brought it, but it wan't a mistake. I'm not trying to defend Kline. He was terrible last year, but just reminding people that he was valuable at one point and really earned the extension. Who knew that he would collapse. Thanks for your service and now time to upgrade. Chalk this up as a win on the GM grade chart.
  4. Whitters21

    Whitters21 Starter


    This had to be the low point last year. 3 man rush, 2 pretty much got home, our LT gets decked
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  5. Young54

    Young54 Starter

    Woof! Conklin looked like crap too.
  6. Doc

    Doc Starter

    Looked like Conk was trying to hard to give Kline support. Maybe with a decent guard Conk’s play will improve.
  7. nytitaner

    nytitaner Starter

    Marcus was screwed on that 1 . Jones and Spain should have been eligible receivers lol.
  8. Johnnyb

    Johnnyb RTR

    After how well Jones played at guard last year, I would not be shocked to see him slide to RG and us take a center in the draft.
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  9. JR1980

    JR1980 Pro Bowler

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