Titans rediscover veteran Witherspoon

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    Just a few weeks after he was inactive for a pair of games, Titans linebacker Will Witherspoon was back in heavy rotation last week.

    Witherspoon was in the game for 46 of Tennessee’s 70 defensive plays against Indianapolis. He returned an interception 40 yards for a touchdown, made five tackles and totaled two passes defensed.

    The Titans gave Witherspoon extensive playing time because middle linebacker Colin McCarthy missed his second straight game with a concussion.

    “It’s one of those things that as a member of the team, at any point in time you do what you’re asked,” Witherspoon said. “This week I just happened to be asked more than what has been the last several. Does it always feel great to contribute? Of course, and when you feel like you contribute in a big way, it’s just that much more.”

    Witherspoon was inactive for games on Oct. 28 and Nov. 4, and as recently as the Nov. 25 game against Jacksonville, he wasn’t on the field for a single defensive snap.

    It’s been an adjustment for Witherspoon, who was a starter at weakside linebacker for three of the first four games this season. The Titans have used rookie Zach Brown extensively there as the season has progressed.

    “I’ve been a vet in this game for a long time, and I understand how things work and how situations happen,” Witherspoon said. “If I felt like it was because I couldn’t play the game, I’d feel differently about it. But … I think it’s worked out for us so far.”

    Witherspoon said he felt fine this week after the big jump in play over the weekend.

    “The body feels good,” Witherspoon said. “Apparently I can still run, so it’s all good.”

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    did they really rediscover him or did he finally decide to do the job he was being paid to do....?
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