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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by The Playmaker, Apr 23, 2013.

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    anybody but Milliner or Mingo or Patterson.
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    I think they mirror pretty close but I'm not sure trufant has that angry streak that Rhodes carries. He gets fired up. Plays with confidence. Isn't afraid to challenge the WR at the line. That's what makes me extremely preferable to Rhodes.
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    Press corner? So that means Milliner, Rhodes, Trufant and Hayden are in play. Great job of saying nothing at all.

    Give me Trufant or Hayden over Rhodes. Rhodes has some durability issues and tighter hips.
  4. The Playmaker

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    Yeah at first I wasn't a big fan of Rhodes (see Trufant vs Rhodes thread) but I've been warming up to him for a while, and agree with what you said. If he can just work on his technique a bit and rounding out the rest of his game he will be a great pick for us if we do go that direction. I think Trufant is more NFL ready right now and can start from day 1 while Rhodes will have some work to do. Trufant isn't as physical or has the same kind of mean streak as Rhodes but he's excellent in coverage and can do whatever we ask of him (zone, man, press, etc.). Trufant is probably my favorite CB in the class and would be a safe pick, Rhodes a bit more of a risk but higher upside because of how physical he is and he has room to improve.
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    Yea none of the cbs are perfect and we need to decide what we weigh heavier. I think (and I hate this word but I can't think of another way to put it right now) we need that swagger. Rhodes has the talent. He's not gonna get left on an island but you can't do that to ANY of these cbs. If we want the smoothest athlete, it's Darius Slay.

    Trufant makes good plays on the ball but he is not near as physical. I think Rhodes gives us a dynamic CB that can change the way our secondary plays. More man, more press. We ALL hate the ghetto 10 yard off defensive plays... Maybe I'm so sick of it, that the most physical Cb on the LOS has me twisted... But I think it's something we need. Aggression, size, speed.

    He is more of a scheme fit CB, but I believe if that's who we are after, if because we've decided he fits what we WILL be doing. Not what we've done.
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    I love rhodes size and physicality. He reminds me of a much bigger finnigan with better cover skills.

    But, everyone says he sucks at zone coverage, as he can't pass off. And I read his hips are stiff. And he will get a lot of pass interference calls unless he learns when to back off.

    But with some good coaching, I think he could be the best of them, and help bring some nasty back to this defense.
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    Yea he's got his faults as well, however whenever I look at these cbs on film that dude is constantly popping off the screen. I never have to search for the guy. Milliner gets lost often while trying to watch him. Trufant is easy to follow because he's normally making a play on the ball. Maybe that's an odd way to look at it, but to me it says something.
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    Is it totally unrealistic that Ziggy falls to us?
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    I don't think it is. However I'm not sure he fixes a problem on this team.