Titans Post-Draft Positional Breakdown: Offense

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    I am a locker guy but if it doesnt work out, fitz is better than hassle at this point in his career. Fitz never had a top 5 oline Britt, Hunter, Wright and delanie walker to throw to in Buffalo. Glad we have them both but I think locker and cj look really good this year with the moves and shonn greene is an upgrade over anything lendale ever did. I am excited
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    Looking forward to this:

    Hunter -------------------Roos-Levitre-Velasco/Schw-Warmack-Stew-------------------------Britt

    CJ loves his fullbacks, leadblockers... the great thing is Walker can lineup at TE/Slot and then slide into FB and be a leadblocker if need be. Hunter/Britt on the outside is two vertical threats with Wright in the slot up the middle. Lots of potential there, all depends on health and Locker.
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    Yea this is pretty awesome to imagine. Hunter and wright on the same side would make for some horrible time as a defense lol. If britt could get it together? And CJ better be getting ready to have no excuses.... Boy gotta blow teams up again. They can't stack any box with that line up, nor can they play a traditional 43/34 base set either. Too much speed/athleticism on the field at once.
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