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    Cortland ran out during training camp and that, I believe, sealed his fate with us. He wasn't a yes man, very much unlike Griffin. Griffin is just doing this for the paycheck, and even when they announced the extension for Griffin, they wouldn't really talk about his play, but rather about the fact that he "did it the right way", he came to the facility during offseason workouts, kept his mouth shut, and let the team give him millions.

    Griffin's deal was looked at as a bad decision at the time, and that has been proven accurate. Hopefully in the future, those decisions are made on the basis of talent. The new contracts go to important players; those that actually make a difference on Sundays. Being a nice, amenable person is great, but that's not winning this team any games. Not to mention, you can easily end up with rosters (and a HC) like the one's we've seen around here for the past two years; hopefully that's changing.
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    Yeah i remember Cortland leaving overnight and the next morning no one knew where he was and of course he irked the management by doing that.Like you said Griffin was low key and did all the right things and got rewarded.I think your right these decisions need to be based on talent and not who was nicest and amenable because being nice doesn't win football games.