Titans need a playmaker at WR.....and who can catch...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansCountry25, Nov 20, 2006.

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    I suppose I agree with that. I was strategically thinking along the same lines offensively speaking.

    Now, if he could be had for cheap, I would almost still consider it, because I think we'll be signing a couple of FAs to the defense regardless, and we'll have room to add a playmaker on offense if we so choose.

    It's funny, about antics, that is, from a fan perspective. I've been talking to a lot of Cowboy fans the past week (they are of course coming out of the woodwork now, proud to remind people they are Cowboy fans) and they have a totally different spin on Owens: they think he is a good boy now, and that ALL he wants in this WORLD is not the ball every time -- but to be relied on when the are ONLY DOWN -- so he can save the day -- and that all the time in between, he is fine.

    I don't believe he is a must have by any means, but I still wouldn't mind watching what develops in Oakland, and see how his attitude may change. I still think he is going to want to end his career at his next stop, and will shape up to put himself in a good position to land at a rising contender. I would bet even that come offseason, Tennessee is one of the first places out of his mouth.

    Still think we need a playmaker at the position. I don't see Drew getting fantastically better, and Givens will be coming off an ACL next year, and Jones shows promise, but he's not quite there, and I doubt Wade starts unless it's in a pinch.
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    LS for the UT connection would be very interesting if he came after round 2 in the draft...
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